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    Most Realtors miss informing their buyers of this critical step…

    Did your Real Estate agent tell you…

    Some only rely on the Home inspector and what they say, but they don’t investigate the neighborhood.

    They don’t go, and door knock the other homes within sight of the one they are buying.

    That is something that has “saved” more than one of our clients.

    How do I do this?paris911 real estate advice

    Simple, take everyone that is going to live in the home with you.

    Go to the neighbors home – on each side and a couple of homes across the street, or if a condo – at least those that reside above you and below (if applicable).

    Say, “Hi, I’m _____________, and this is my, ________________ – We are thinking about buying that home(make sure they know and acknowledge which one), can you tell us about the neighborhood?  Are you happy living here?

    Typically, after those questions, the flood gates will open, especially when you find the “chatty Kathy”.

    She will tell you things you did not want to know 🙂

    What if I run into someone I arrested?

    This was interesting.  We had an LAPD police officer that was using our team to buy his first home.  Apparently, while he was doing his investigation on the property and “running the neighbors”, he found someone that lived next door that had been documented for making “direct death threats” against him.

    Apparently, it went back to an arrest and the “potential neighbor” doing some time in prison. During one of their “mailings” – the cop was named and the convict vowed vengeance.

    What if I run into my X?

    Another client of ours had a “X” that was best not talked about 🙂 .  Boiling Rabbits would not be above “his” level of retribution.  Yes, unlike the movie – this was a “bad man” – someone you’d see on the “I.D.” channel.

    During the door knocking process of our clients, she and her new husband found out through a neighbor her “X” was living across the street.

    Apparently, no one in the neighborhood liked him, and everyone had issues with him – Go figure.

    When do I…..

    The sooner the better. You want to do this part of the process before you start spending money on inspections and on appraisal.

    This is our advice to our clients, and it has served them well thus far…

    Be safe – talk soon and let us know if We can Help You…

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