Mortgage interest rates to go below 1 percent

    Fresh from the inter-web – Local Interest Rates to go below 1%.

    APRIL FOOLS – but don't stop reading – because there may be a silver lining to my “April Fools Day Prank”.

    Do you think that you have your ducks in order when approaching the real estate re-sale stage of the world?

    If you are not sure – have a read. Make sure you are working with a “well known” lender. One that the local agents know and recognize as being able to perform. Performing meaning they deliver on their promises.

    There are more real estate lenders than I can shake a stick at that make promises about buyers – telling us and them, they are “Good as Gold”. However, when it comes down to getting the loan, they cannot.

    All that “pillow talk” and they cannot buy a home. It pays to find out ahead of time. A local and “reputable” lender will make sure they deliver what they promise. Their reputation depends on it.

    Now that you have a lender that is going to put their money with their mouth is – you need to start looking for real estate.

    How to search for the perfect home

    Most of you are going to become fans of the Real Estate syndication websites. Zillow – – and Trulia. These are websites that syndicate listings that agents build mostly from secondary websites. Virtual tour companies and those that build real estate flyers. Some pull the listings, with the agent's permission, from the board by “email address identification”.

    That's GREAT – but you are not seeing all of the listings on those websites. There are many local real estate agents that have issues with these companies and when they enter their sellers listings, ban them from appearing on those Syndication Websites. Therefore, if that is the way you search for homes, condo's and town-homes that are for sale, you may want to use a different type of Real Estate search system.

    How about the Multiple Listing Service? What about using that system to search for homes? It works much better and you are not going to run into “junk” listings. They are all going to be uploaded to the source – the Local Boards of Realtors, they are going to be search-able, fresh and live at the time you are searching.

    Another Resource – How about working with a local real estate agent? What about a Team of Real Estate agents Real Estate companies are a dime a dozen and so are real estate agents. Do some interviewing of the top results on Google or Bing. Interview our team, we'd like to apply to represent you with your next real estate dealing.

    Check out one of our local REMAX of Santa Clarita Websites – Talk soon


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