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    More properties in escrow in Los Angeles County

    When comparing the months of May and the closing Figures for June 2011, we are seeing there has been an increase of real estate deals entering Escrow.

    There are three main statuses within the Real Estate for Sale Market.

    • Active:  properties that are for sale right now.
    • Back-up:  properties that have an accepted offer on them.  This status is usually chosen due to the agent or seller not being too sure about the offer they accepted and want more offers to be submitted.
    • Pending:  properties where the agent and seller is secure and does not want the property appearing on the WWW or where no more offers are being accepted.

    Here is the Data for the entire County of Los Angeles California.

    Los Angeles County CA PP June 2011 <——- Click here for the PDF report for Los Angeles County Real Estate Activity

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