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    Million Dollar Listings in Santa Clarita Cities California

    I watched an episode of Million Dollar Listing.  Why do I feel as if the agents have to always be right or win the argument 100% of the time?

    Get_better_Santa_Clarita_Valley_statisticsDid they forget the boss was?  Did they forget there are other “agents” that are probably better than them in the local market?

    Even when it comes down to a seller wanting to price their home at $15,500,000.00 and the agent saying, “I am going to stand by my guns for a list price of $15,400,500.00..

    I mean really?  Is it something that “measuring” contests have developed from legend?

    While we don’t “specialize” in properties over 15 million dollars, we have a pretty good grasp what sells a home, even in that price range.

    Those properties are typically not financed with conventional loans for 20% minus the offering(approved) amount.

    There is a down payment – but they usually exceed 50%, if the whole deal does not equate to cash.

    As The Paris911 Team at REMAX of Valencia is about LISTINGS and representing our Sellers, we have a Team of 5 Full Time Buyers agents too.

    Looking at each home that we are going to list and sell for our sellers, with 7 sets of eyeballs, is totally advantageous for our sellers.

    And that is just what I bring from my office – there are other agents that we work closely with that are also working with a multitude of buyers in our sellers “sales” range.

    Below are the Top 7 listings in the Santa Clarita Valley cities that exceed 1 million dollars in asking price.

    Some are priced too high – some are below Fair Market Value – and some are just right.  While The “Goldilocks” real estate deal does exist, they are elusive and hard to find.

    Let us know when you are ready and thanks for reading…


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