Make your Valencia – Santa Clarita home stand out

    When we represent the home seller in Valencia, Santa Clarita Valley or elsewhere in Southern California, we speak of the “first impression” that their home brings out.

    I make sure I don’t hold back and give them both barrels – at least gently 🙂

    Do you remember the saying, “you never get a second chance to make a first impression?” – That is very prevalent in real estate re-sale.

    If you look at the new homes, they are always in great shape. They have fresh foliage, colorful flowers and are “sparkling” from curbside.

    Here are some cheap changes you can implement when it comes to preparing your Valencia – Santa Clarita Valley home for sale as it relates to curb appeal and first impressions.

    First – the statistics from the National Association of Realtors related to first impressions are staggering. In as much as if you are on a limited budget – always do the outside and curb appeal improvements before tackling any interior issues.

    In some of the Valencia CA areas, the homes are within various tracts. These tracts may have Home Owners Association, therefore changes to what I’m going to cover may need approval. The HOA may require some type of design to be submitted for their approval.

    For example. How about dressing up your mail box? If it’s a plain white box with no character, you may dress it up to make it look cozy and comfy. Painted flowers, designs and other “creative” additions to a plain white box may give you additional points with buyers interested in buying your home.

    How does your roof look from the street? Do you have gutters installed on your home? Are either the roof or gutters covered or filled with debris from neighboring trees? It maybe time to have them cleaned out and spruced up. This simple and inexpensive act shows that you care about your home to an interested buyer. Lacking them being clean shows that you may not have cared for other “internal” items which your home has. What can I say? – sometimes real estate buyers assume 🙂

    Do your windows Sparkle? Something that buyers look at, while at the curb and while approaching your home, are at the windows and the screens. They are hoping to get a glimpse of something. It’s human nature to peer inside of windows. Especially human nature when the home may be something a buyer maybe interested in purchasing. If your windows are super clean – this gives a home buyer further confidence in your home.

    Planted Lately? Something that all buyers notice when viewing real estate listings are fresh manicured flowers. Not the old dead ones – they notice these too – but in a negative way. Make sure you are planting and maintaining fresh flowers in the front of your home. If you have a smaller property and limited space, use potted plants with fresh flowers inside of them to give your home that fresh and cared for look.

    Let there be Light! If you don’t have any exterior path lighting, you may want to rethink this by adding solar panel equpped lighting. It’s inexpensive and it does not require any wiring. You can also add these pathway lights to the outside planter boxes and other areas to bring attention to various parts of your own seller “curb appeal”.

    Behind the Red Door – It’s amazing what a fresh front door repainting can earn a home seller. It could be the difference between sold and sitting. This is another of those areas where the HOA may have to give approval. As an aside, in Scotland – a red door indicates that the home has been paid off. – fyi…

    How do you perform under pressure? If you have a pressure washer, or the ability to rent one, hit those driveways and walk ways with a organic mixture which will clean the concrete like new and not kill the grass and foliage. If you have decks, you can also hit them as well. This way your home will look well maintained and ‘POP’ in the eyes of a potential home buyer.

    If your home has faux shutters outside of the front windows, visible from the street, you maybe able to forgo painting all of the home and focus on the shutters alone. This maybe a more economic option that will give you all the “necessary POP” your home need to attract a multitude of home buyers. You can always repaint the entire home, first – start with the shutters if you have them.

    This is by no means an exhaustive list. It’s also necessary to gage your home against any competition. If you home is the only one for sale, you may hold the “trump” card when it comes to doing as little as possible to get the most money for your home. If you are one of many real estate listings on the market for sale, you will need to up your game when it comes to making your home shine brighter than the others which are for sale and in direct competition with.

    The best thing that I can advise is for you to invite me over to your home, condo or town-home. Let me walk around and give you a written game plan related to what you need to do to mandate the most money for your home which I will be selling.

    You’d be surprised on how we can get most homes sold at the best possible price in any market.

    I’m Connor MacIvor and thanks for reading about Making your Valencia – Santa Clarita POP with changes and additions to curb appeal.

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