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    Should I make an offer on an overpriced home for sale?

    buyer real estate questions answeredWhen it comes to our real estate team doing our Santa Clarita real estate sellers justice, it is necessary for us to speak the “lingo” of today’s real estate buyer.

    Answering the questions is the most important thing when it comes to talking the “talk and walking the walk”, concerning real estate.

    Buyers have questions, and with the more “online” resources, the good intel, the accurate story, those are getting harder to find.

    When the local real estate agents take the time to answer questions, the buyers find them when searching for the local real estate agents.

    Like the answer to the question of, “Should I write an offer on an overpriced real estate listing?”

    Of course you should. The next thought that may enter into your mind is that the seller may be “offended”.

    That is a valid concern, but that concern should not get in your way from getting, or trying to get, what you want.

    Most sellers, with the overpriced homes, know that their homes are overpriced. In fact, if they are interviewing the experts in the field of local real estate, they will have been told by them.

    As we hear, from time to time, “I don’t want to give my house away.” To which we respond, “you are not giving it away, you are selling it for what a buyer is willing to pay for it.”

    Then there is also that “appraisal” thing that seems to come up within every single real estate transaction where a loan has to be obtained to purchase the residential real estate.

    The appraisal is a key component in any real estate transaction where a loan is going to be used to purchase the property. The bank needs to know they are not paying too much for the home, condo or townhome.

    In the days of “legend”, prior to the last real estate market crash, March-ish 2007, the appraiser reports were very infrequently questioned as to their validity.

    The appraisers were running the show, but this does not mean they were being dishonest. I am only referencing, in most cases, there being no one else within the system that was going to validate the appraisal report and the comparables being used.

    Today, is a much different story. Today the appraisers have other’s that watch, look and dig through their appraisal reports to make sure there are no mistakes. They look at the properties used and how “close to spot on” they are to the home being appraised.

    If the home is too far from the subject property, they can and probably will, throw a flag on that report and ask the appraiser to clarify their choices.

    As we talked about on our daily show, our Santa Clarita crash course on real estate, is what we came up with to answer the most prevalent buyer and seller real estate questions. It helps our clients get what they want and it can Help you too!

    We are the REMAX of Valencia CA’s Paris911 Team and look forward to serving you and yours with all of your Real Estate and housing needs.

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