Low Santa Clarita Housing inventory means more new homes

    Let us talk a bit about new construction and the new home builders in the Santa Clarita Valley and Elsewhere. We do that. We represent buyers and stand on their side when buying new homes, condos, and townhomes.

    Buying a new home and having me standing in your corner throughout the entire transaction, costs you nothing. It’s free on all fronts. It does not stop you from getting a discounted price on the home, upgrades, and additions. It does not limit you on your closing time frame nor does it affect you in any negative way whatsoever.

    Here is what it will do. Allow me to negotiate with the builders real estate agent on your behalf. It will allow me to press them for the builder’s bottom line when it comes to price. It also allows me to get you the full advantage with the builders’ lender, even if they say there is no “extra incentive” for your using them. When it comes to getting new builder upgrades, it allows me to go toe to toe with the new home builders representative and get everything possible for you.  I’m allowed to view the contracts and further negotiate on your behalf. I’m allowed to speak with escrow and coordinate closing with your timeframe in mind.

    However, in order for me to be able to represent you, I must accompany you on your very first visit to the new home builder community and register you under my name and CALBRE license Number.

    Schedule for a New Home Tour

    If you have already visited the new home center and gave them your name or any personal information, even to be on an email list or to be updated as to new and future phase releases, then they prohibit you from using your own Real Estate representative.

    Take me with you before you give up your personal information to anyone at the new home center and you will be able to have me represent you!

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    (not perfect – listen to the show for the accurate rendition)

    Connor Realtor: 00:00 Everybody, Connor Macgyver, welcome to housing radio, housing [inaudible], longest-running podcast here in the Senate, Creative Valley serving greater Los Angeles cities. We are your local realtors and I didn’t want to get some information out there regarding what is exactly happening in real estate market. We do have some issues that have come up related to the lacking real estate inventory and during this time we’ve also seen that inventory has been causing the market to be a seller’s market. Seller’s market is indicated when sellers are able to sell their property short timeframes, low days on market, and with very little in the way of any kind of repairs or other issues that the buyers are asking for. When the market flops and it’s a buyer’s market, larger discounts there. The property is staying on the market longer. The buyers are able to manipulate the seller even more than currently.

    Connor Realtor: 00:59 By having the seller repair and fix a lot of items in the seller’s market, they wouldn’t be able to touch just because the competition is too high. So it was the two market shifts that to markets out there in real estate and of course, you always have in the middle and then a really hot seller’s market and then it really slows a buyer’s market and vice versa. What we’re seeing currently though, the market where we are, it is incredibly quick and fast and the inventory is very, very low. In fact, we haven’t seen inventory as low as we have it now in Santa Clarita Valley, just over 300 active units for sale in almost 10 years. Go back to 1999 almost 10 years. We’re now [inaudible]. So here in [inaudible], if it continues this trend where people aren’t putting their houses on the market and I’ll tell you why in just a moment while they’re not.

    Connor Realtor: 01:50 If we continue this trend that we’re going to see super low numbers and probably even lower than we currently are. What that does that kicks off the new housing, the new builder communities and they’re very, very happy with these trends. When you have very little real estate resale available, the used homes, if you will, they start building hand over fist. So just keep your eye on the new home builders and as long as they’re building inventory, as long as they’re selling inventory and starting new phases, you’re good to go. One of the things that I caught this on the news today for Santa Clarita, especially. You go downtown Beverly Hills, Brentwood. They’ll take some piece of property if they’re able to purchase all of the single-family homes and they might put in condos or townhomes. We’re not seeing any new condo or townhome construction out here.

    Connor Realtor: 02:38 It’s all single family right now, which is interesting. That I think is a missing component because entry-level out here, single-family residence, you’re talking six is mid sixes, high sixes, and of course more expensive and with those residents, a lot of them and watch out for this, you’re going to have those special assessments. Those extra the Mello Roos are going to be on top of your normal payment. How do you find that out? Well, you have a good rep going in with you. The timing, we’ll look@newhousingandwedothataswellasCVnestdotcomforwardslashnewSCVnest.com forward slash new. That’ll explain the benefit that there is no cost to you, the sellers, those new housing sellers do pass to bring our clients in there. But let’s meet. Let’s talk about a game plan so we can get you your very best deal. We’ve got a couple awesome discounts lately. Uh, one in the neighborhood of 50 and the other one, the neighborhood of almost $20,000 for the buyers just because they had a professional with them.

    Connor Realtor: 03:37 I and we asked the question Scv nest.com forward slash new check that out. Lenders have also made headlines here on my Feedly APP showing that there are several items that you have to be wary of and I think the number one most important item is going to be making sure that this lender that you’re using is going to be accountable. Meaning that there’s going to be some kind of a checks and balances system. If in fact, they tell you one thing and then do another, this all comes back to you doing your due diligence and asking those questions, not over the telephone, not over SMS or text, but an actual emails having that banter started. So the first step you meet with a lender and they sing you a beautiful song and you’re so excited because this is the one you want. This is a great interest rate, better than you’ve ever seen.

    Connor Realtor: 04:33 They’re doing your loan at no cost. I mean all of these things should be great, but at the end of the day, what if everything changes? You work with me, we find you a house. The lender has already written us an approval letter, so that’s all good. We know that your finances are in order. You have a very good fight go score, so it’s not one of those loans that may or may not go. So everything’s looking good, right? It’s all good. I’m. I say that the lender sees to be doing their job, but right when you get down to zero hours and those long loan documents are drawn, now all the sudden you have a higher interest rate. You have extra fees in there that you weren’t told about or you were told that those fees would exist and you’ve already given your notice and the place you’re moving out.

    Connor Realtor: 05:20, Of course, you have time to call that lender and say, Bill, John, Frank, whatever. What happens to give what’s going on here? Because you told me specifically that this wasn’t going to be the case and they all they can say as well. I’m sorry. Things changed. Rates went up. We didn’t lock you. You know, these are items that you need to, you know, just take on yourself and you have all these apologies, but now it’s too late because if you hold up the deal, you’re now on breach of contract. So the seller realistically could say, sorry, we’re going to go ahead and put the property back on the market and do a notice of cancellation. Of course, you’d have to agree to that and that becomes a very complicated process to cancel a transaction, especially for a seller and we talked to all of our clients about why that is and how that works.

    Connor Realtor: 06:12 I’ve done radio shows on it before, but again, it could come down to that. That’s a horrible place to be because now you have this pressure that I always preach about that I hate somebody. Spending hundreds of thousands of dollars shouldn’t be forced to have pressure placed upon them more than what might be typical. Nothing extra. None of this game stuff that we see being played out there. I don’t like it. I don’t let my clients experience it, experience it. I watch out for my clients and I make sure that they’re well covered and protected. Something else you should know, we did break off into an additional segment. We’re going to be doing this more and more with a display. Various communities. So the first one, first of all, I love to talk about summit real estate news dot consummate real estate news.com. I will be updating that with its own radio show on that particular website.

    Connor Realtor: 07:06 It’s gonna, rerouted Scv Nest into a page I built. It’s going to talk about all of the Summit in Valencia. Never heard of it. Oh, my God. You gotta. Check it out because of a lot of wonderful things in the summit. Got Four different tracks you got with any track, several different designs on homes so you could have 20 possibilities, 25 possibilities and the [inaudible] system attached to Valencia park behind the Ymca. Just really, really wonderful, but something that you need to check out so you and your lovely or Mr or whomever you happen to be with, go out there and maybe park at the edge over there at the, uh, Ralph’s parking lot in granary square. And take a walk across the street. You’ll see the Ymca. You Cross that street, you got Valencia Park right there. There’s a small path, bitcoins, the tennis courts. And just start walking folks.

    Speaker 1: 08:02 And when you do, you will see some of the most wonderful wilderness back there. Pass the park that you’ve ever seen. I promise you it’s there. Google earth, check it out, you’ll see that there’s this massive ravine between all of these beautiful homes up in the summit’s and there’s a couple of trails back there that you could walk 90 minutes without stepping on the same piece of earth twice and they’re concrete and they’re beautiful and they go way back there, but that’s something to see, especially at different changes in the season. Now it’s starting to get more and more green. When the fall hit last year it was gorgeous because a lot of those trees back there, the type of do change color, so we got to see that, check that out there. That’s summit real estate news.com. We’ll be doing other systems just like that. For Bridgeport, what you’ll do is you’ll be able to see all the floor plans, all of the corresponding models, and then you can line up the dots, see what properties happened to be for sale, which ones are not, which ones have sold recently.

    Connor Realtor: 09:01 Kind of getting a good idea on where those prices are. We going to start breaking that down at [inaudible] dot [inaudible]. This is how the radio folks. How’s the radio.com? I have Connor macgyver, tor real tour, not three syllables to real tour here in Santa Clarita Valley, and we look forward to serving you. When you’re ready, tell a friend you’ll be able to go to SCV nest.com or housing radio.com. It’s all over. Look at the phone number there. Give me a call. I’ll be happy to help you and yours. Thanks for listening today. We will be back with another real estate radio show very soon. Just share back at housing, radio dot [inaudible] to see our latest real estate broadcast. Have a fantastic day and weekend. We’ll talk to you soon. Connor McCarver over and out.

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