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    Local Santa Clarita Realtors and the Loyalty Equation

    When I was just a little Chavilito…

    Loyalty.  I remember growing up, my dad had a real estate agent that he was very loyal to.  In fact, he told everyone he knew about the guy that helped him with his real estate.

    His Realtor was not selling my dad houses.  His Real Estate agent was talking to him about a subject and making it interesting.  It was easy for my Dad to be “loyal”.

    We don't shoot anyone in the footI think that is missing today in society in general.  So many switch Real Estate agents without giving it any real thought.  It’s easy to believe that someone would not lie to you and has your best interests in mind.

    Does Switching Agents Help?

    They think that if another is saying they can do a better job, why not try them?  Ultimately, they want to get what they want, and if their current real estate agent cannot deliver – switching may help, or will it?

    I cannot tell Force any real estate client to be loyal to my team and I.  However, I don’t tell any “other realtor’s” client that we have a different advantage or that we are better at the real estate gig either.  

    People that love their craft are attractive…

    I remember people like that with the PD, we had a cat that just loved Guns.  He would sit with you and talk about the different shooting styles, the different calibers and the advantages/disadvantages, where the various “shooting theories” came from and more.

    He actually made the entire shooting process interesting.  He was like an encyclopedia of “Firearms knowledge”.  Like a living and breathing Wiki Page.

    That is how my Dad’s Realtor was.  He talked about the numbers, what types of loans are in the present market and how that differed from the past.  He talked about the way homes are constructed, and the benefits of this type versus other types of construction methods.

    He talked about what was “here before” this particular group of homes, and more.  He also gave intel about the latest “real estate gimmicks” and games.

    He gave the real estate flavor.  He gave the real estate world some dimension besides the “Hurry up and Buy from me and By the Way – if you know anyone that wants to sell or buy real estate give me their information…”

    That is how I train my Team of Santa Clarita buyers agents to be.  They need to know “more than how to sell”.  They need to be likeable first, that’s where it starts.  Knowing your craft is one thing, living your craft is another…

    Have a Great Friday and we will talk to you tomorrow….

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