Local Santa Clarita Real Estate agents won’t sell you out

    Getting the true value, or Fair Market Value of a Santa Clarita home is not as hard as you may think.

    In fact, for our Monday Update I’m going to show you how you can do just that.  I’m also going to give you the intel on how to do that without having to give your personal and private information to a company that will sell it.

    Searching with Anonymity

    How can that Be?  How can you search for homes without having to give up who  you are?  Most of the real estate websites allow for a certain number of searches before asking you to register. (Our real estate search engines are unlocked and are fed by the actual Multiple Listing service.)

    It’s the “Give me more information” that can get you into trouble.Local Santa Clarita realtors resource

    “Contact an agent” has also been shown to do it’s fair share of damage.

    That’s why, if you are going to want to get more information or contact an agent, you are going to want to do it directly.

    How to contact a Realtor Directly

    While finding a local real estate agent’s website should not be rocket science, and it’s not, but, there are going to be a few obstacles you will have to overcome in doing so.

    When you search for real estate in any local market, you are going to see a lot of “non local” real estate websites pop up on the first page of Google or Bing.

    They are going to have some of the more “Famous” names – One starts with a “Z” and is using a multi million dollar ad campaign on TV and the other starts with “T” and is using their Millions to build systems on-line and for Google Glass.

    Look deeper in the search results

    You are going to find some of the Local Experts showing up.  At least those that are writing often about the “state of the local real estate market”.  Putting that type of work into a “local real estate website” pays off in the long run.

    See if there is a local phone number to call, but block your phone number before calling.

    Create a “new email” address only for the real estate searching on-line and initial inquires.

    We had a couple of actual “rocket scientists”, from Jet Propulsion Labs(JPL), that utilized our Paris911 Team to buy a home in Stevenson Ranch.

    During our initial contact phases, I did not have one “real” email address or phone number for this couple. Everything was created for the soul purpose of finding a local agent they liked, trusted and that they would use as their real estate representative.

    Dig in deeper than an Alabama Tick

    After you find that “local real estate agent”, then you can start getting down to business.  You can set up a meeting, and you can get that real estate agent to shine their light of experience on the areas in real estate that need sone illumination.

    Words of advice from a Local Real Estate agent Team serving the Greater Los Angeles Area, with a focus on the Cities within the Santa Clarita Valley California.

    Be safe – Search well and let us know when you are ready to MOVE…………………..


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