Local real estate agents stirring the proverbial pot

    Is there such a thing as a “proverbial pot” – ????  With my LEO background, maybe I should be mentioning the word “pot”.  But I’m talking about the one you use to boil water.

    How are your friends on facebook?  What about those that you tweet with?  Are you into Google Plus?

    Local real estate market update for Santa Clarita ValleyWhatever your poison – it may be that you hate to hear about how great people are, especially when it’s coming from them.

    I can tell you, we have had some great clients come our way, even those that were working with other agents, that were tired of their “bragging” all of the time.

    We have been told, “they never added anything of value, they were all about adding to the noisy web…”  That statement is typically followed up by the client talking about how dealing with that particular agent would have ended badly.

    I’m not sure if that is a fair assessment.  I know many agent that are all about screaming from the rooftops about how everyone in the Santa Clarita real estate world should be using them.  When you get them face to face – they are nothing like their “online persona’s”.

    However, it’s not the best way, it’s probably the worst way a real estate agent can be.

    BTW – I don’t teach this – I know this.  There are real estate agents that teach others to lie on their social media platforms. Bend the truth, they say, make it appear as if you are bigger than you really are…

    Good for them – but, I will tell you it’s turning people off.

    BTW – let us know if we can help you.  Our latest market reports can be found by heading to our Santa Clarita real estate website and by typing in the words “market updates” into the macBoX.

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