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    Santa Clarita selling homesParis and I have been selling real estate for our home sellers to home buyers since 1998.

    There are best practices when it comes to listing and selling homes for a real estate seller.

    These are some of the best presentations I have seen when it comes to what the necessary steps are as applicable to selling homes for the best in the least.

    Remember, while sales price is important, there are other factors such as ability to enforce a seller advantage regarding timeframe negotiation, repair mitigation, and verification of lender approval, which need to be considered when hiring a Top Santa Clarita Realtor.

    Realistically, most of the real estate agents should be utilizing those things contained on the slide share presentations below. If they don’t I would not hire them.

    The differentiation point is going to be the agent’s Brokerage affiliation, networking ability and personal connection. All things being equal, people would rather do business with a friend.

    We are here for our clients and most become our friends. Someone they can call when they need assistance, not just with real estate, but with life.

    Reach out to us when you are ready to sell your Santa Clarita Valley Home. We service other communities in and around the Los Angeles Area. Call me to see if we can personally list your home.








    Our non traditional approach to selling real estate is cutting edge. Instead of considering other agents competition, we consider them part of our team.

    The more real estate agents we have relationships with the more buyers will be shown our home seller’s listings.

    BTW – those relationships I speak about have to be good ones 🙂

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