Let’s talk about HAMP and the Foreclosure Prevention Program

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    If you are a home owner that has had some distress in their lives, you will know that there is something called a “loan or mortgage modification”.

    When it first started – SCAMMERS were in line at Kinkos printing up fake business cards about their “expert” status at Loan Modifications.

    Loan Modifications allow you to reduce your interest rate, they typically increase the term of your mortgage(from 30 years to 40 years), and have a lower payment for a number of years at the beginning.

    A failed Program…

    According to CNN money this AM on the wire, 1.2 Mortgage modifications have been completed under the HAMP act.  Home Affordable Modification program. (Yea!!!)

    That program came out 4 years ago.  Here is the rub – More than 306,000 of those that were approved for the program have gone into default a second time. (Boo!!!)

    OMG – more defaults?

    88,000 more are headed in the same direction to defaulting again.  That according to the Special Inspector General for the Troubled Asset Relief Program (SIGTARP), noted in its quarterly report to Congress.

    Time does not equate to staying power:

    One more stat and I’ll stop, they also found that the longer a person stays within the HAMP program, the more likely they are to not be able to keep up with it.  I would deduce that is because the program does not change the interest rate indefinitely.

    If it does not work – renew it!

    It only modifies it for a few years, that interest rate then starts to creep up again.  Maybe something will change – they renewed the program until the end of 2015…  Hey, I’m all about the “changing tide”, maybe it will get better 🙂

    Santa Clarita Foreclosure intel:

    Your New Foreclosures alert, All Santa Clarita Cities – NOD filings – Updated, found a match.


    Stage Radar ID Street City Zip State Type Sq Ft Beds Baths Sale Date Est. Value Est. Bid

    Preforeclosure 689612 24148 AVENIDA CRESCENTA VALENCIA 91355 CA SFR 2336 5 3.00 11/15/2013 $469,873.00 $572,970.00

    Preforeclosure 505257149 27722 CROSSPATH AVE CANYON COUNTRY 91351 CA SFR 1080 3 2.00 11/14/2013 $267,188.00 $364,890.00

    Preforeclosure 513035266 23835 BELLA VISTA DR SANTA CLARITA 91321 CA SFR 3094 4 4.00 11/13/2013 $579,378.00 $3,445.00

    Preforeclosure 630867 24778 MASTERS CUP WAY VALENCIA 91355 CA CND 1169 3 2.00 11/13/2013 $248,712.00 $292,381.00

    Preforeclosure 503418170 29049 MARILYN DR SANTA CLARITA 91387 CA CND 2336 4 3.00 11/13/2013 $355,303.00 $3,662.00

    Preforeclosure 503156053 27205 PINE HILLS AVE CANYON COUNTRY 91351 CA SFR 1650 4 2.00 11/15/2013 $306,120.00 $388,517.00

    Preforeclosure 534413241 28631 PIETRO DR VALENCIA 91354 CA CND 0 0 0.00 11/15/2013 $478,881.00 $347,061.00

    Preforeclosure 23811331 29268 ABELIA RD SANTA CLARITA 91387 CA SFR 1222 3 2.00 11/12/2013 $258,281.00 $546,069.00

    Preforeclosure 505444561 22707 COPPER HILL DR UNIT 27 SANTA CLARITA 91350 CA CND 1040 2 2.00 11/15/2013 $227,717.00 $324,589.00

    Preforeclosure 513005479 27000 CLIFFIE WAY SANTA CLARITA 91387 CA SFR 4940 5 6.00 11/15/2013 $1,062,680.00 $1,223,908.00

    Your New Foreclosures alert, Paris911’s Auction Alert for Santa Clarita Valley, found a match.


    Stage Radar ID Street City Zip State Type Sq Ft Beds Baths Sale Date Est. Value Est. Bid

    Auction 75368 17239 SIERRA SUNRISE LN SANTA CLARITA 91387 CA SFR 3274 5 4.00 08/12/2013 $486,393.00 $720,762.00

    Auction 507504730 19569 GREEN MOUNTAIN DR NEWHALL 91321 CA SFR 1496 3 2.00 08/16/2013 $340,281.00 $195,458.00

    Auction 512407444 27212 MARISA DR CANYON COUNTRY 91387 CA CND 1722 4 3.00 08/16/2013 $308,916.00 $387,919.00

    Auction 512688661 27645 HERMES LN CANYON COUNTRY 91351 CA CND 2063 3 3.00 08/14/2013 $371,192.00 $443,646.00

    Auction 505308631 18921 CIRCLE OF FRIENDS NEWHALL 91321 CA CND 1254 2 2.00 08/14/2013 $215,572.00 $228,697.00

    Auction 1024189b 28433 LINDA VISTA ST SANTA CLARITA 91387 CA SFR 3660 6 3.00 08/07/2013 $514,387.00 $603,527.00

    Auction 45329461 28054 CATHERINE DR SANTA CLARITA 91351 CA CND 1320 3 3.00 08/12/2013 $258,670.00 $360,212.00

    Auction 37421991 29902 CRAWFORD PL CASTAIC 91384 CA SFR 2772 5 3.00 08/09/2013 $488,833.00 $385,605.00

    Auction 503149901 31361 THE OLD RD UNIT A CASTAIC 91384 CA CND 1437 3 3.00 08/12/2013 $294,275.00 $335,381.00

    Your New Foreclosures alert, Paris911’s Santa Clarita Bank Owned Real Estate Alert, found a match.


    Stage Radar ID Street City Zip State Type Sq Ft Beds Baths Sale Date Est. Value Est. Bid

    Bank Owned 815530b 26958 PEBBLE BEACH DR VALENCIA 91381 CA CND 1632 2 3.00 07/23/2013 $350,573.00 $505,367.26

    Bank Owned 142031 27434 CATALA AVE SANTA CLARITA 91350 CA SFR 1080 3 2.00 07/23/2013 $283,381.00 $396,338.18



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