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    Let’s Meet in our Offices to Develop your own Personal Real Estate game plan

    Let's Meet for our Real Estate Game Plan

    Developing a Real Estate Game Plan is a necessary part of working with our Real Estate team.

    Paris and I decided a long time ago never to treat home sellers or home buyers in a cheap way.  We decided to always honor those that chose to work with our Real Estate team.

    Besides, we give the 20/20 with regard to real estate and the necessary steps to take when contemplating making the largest investment in a person’s life.

    Our Real Estate game plan forming meetings also apply to those that are about to sell the Largest Investment of their lives as well.

    Furthermore, our technique relates to those that are contemplating having our Paris911 Real Estate team negotiate a Short Sale.

    I will tell you this up front – you can call around and find this step is missing from a lot of our collegues Business Models.  They will meet with you at a Property you Inquired about, with never having met you before.  They will meet you at Starbucks.  They will meet you anywhere.

    Within our Three Offices at RE/MAX of Santa Clarita we have the tools to show you the information applicable to making your very best decision when it comes to anything you wish to do with “Real Estate”.

    As far as hours of operation, our exclusive clientele comes from all walks of life.  It is not unusual for us to meet with clients as early as 0600hrs in the morning and as late at 2200hours in the PM(6am to 10pm).

    Give us a call so we can set up your appointment as soon as you are ready.  661-400-1720 

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