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    Let us talk about Permission Marketing

    I cannot tell you how many times I’ve been door knocked by a real estate agent. How many extra trips to the “round file” I’ve made because of a door dropping company wanting to pitch a service or product. When will they learn?

    The most recent assault was a realtor replying to “all”. Could this have been done by mistake? Maybe they were confused with all of the choices they were given? Or maybe they replied to all on purpose.

    Either way, if you are being interrupted, it is an abomination in this day and time. It is by good content, value adds, and non-self promotion that people are receptive to marketing tactics.

    The strategic way is the way of the future. Strategic is the new black. There are some artists in the world. The rest are using the “old” way to market themselves, their service or product. Get with the times if you are one of the “old school” interruption marketers.

    Your time has come and now is gone. You owe it to the world to give value. Not selfishly, but in the way of Google and Bing.

    My rant is finished and I’m going back to barbecuing.


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