Just when you thought it could not get any worse, it doesn’t…

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    Resources are great when it comes to real estate. Working with Local Real Estate agents can mean the difference between you getting what you want and losing out.

    Using a local service to find real estate agents in your neck of the woods, that are local, trusted and who do not play games – Priceless.

    Top Santa Clarita real estate professionals

    As long as that “local service” is not built around the “selling leads” business model.

    Allow me to explain. Some of the real estate syndication websites make it their business to sell your personal and private information for profit. That is why they are built for conversion.

    They have been tested, changed, revamped, and modified – sometimes daily, to get you to give up who you are and to give them your contact information. A name is just a name – but an email address with a name – that's worth something…

    At least to those websites that are not directly representing real estate clients. If they were to directly represent those who were buying homes, they would get it when it came to the “process”.

    I remember years ago – meeting a client was as good as making money. Today, meeting a well qualified buyer that wants to buy a home right now, could end up in the buyer never buying a home.

    Worse, it could end up that the buyer loses faith in their chosen real estate professional, moves along and works with another real estate agent that happens to get “lucky”.

    As we used to say on the LAPD, “I'd rather be lucky than good…”. We jokingly said this because most of the time, when the bad guys were running away, firing shots over their shoulder – they hit one of us… That's lucky – at least for the bad guy… When we wanted to hit something, we couldn't – at least 77% of the time, we couldn't… (national average of hits during police shootings – poor to say the least)

    You know that process I referred to? It may have involved driving to hundreds of real estate listings over a year's time, writing many offers and being rejected on each. All the while reassuring your client that everything is going to be okay when they are competing with people that have better financing and that are willing to pay more than the list price.

    Loyality is something that has seen to have been lost by the “I gotta have it now” generation.

    That is a story for another time.

    Resources – we have compiled our latest market updates for the Santa Clarita Valley cities. What have we found – just that inventory seems to be building and buyers seem to be slowing their roll: http://realtor.paris911.com/the-santa-clarita-cities-have-stated-to-show-signs-of-the-real-estate-market-weakening/

    At least the “cash investors” – Seems that rentals are experiencing decreases in amounts that were able to be obtained by tenants. That is starting to change the investment strategy of “big money” – which includes hitting the auctions more and staying away from real estate re-sale.

    Remember, there are still “good deals” to be had on real estate. Those BEST Deals you are not going to find when surfing Zillow or Trulia. You are going to have to be working with an actual local real estate agent that is willing to meet with you and develop your very own personal real estate game plan.

    Head over to the main Santa Clarita real estate website and enter in your email address at the top left of the home page to subscribe. That way you will get the real estate intel about every two weeks and stay in the know when it comes to homes, condos and townhomes – the best ways to invest and what the changes in the real estate market can mean to you.


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