It’s like having a 800 pound gorilla in your corner – only use a Realtor

    Santa Clarita real estate protectionWe are Realtors.  That is who you need to be teamed up with when approaching anything that has to do with Real Estate.

    It is a trade organization with a very thick rule book related to keeping people safe as long as they are working with one of their members.

    I’m not in a position to fight my mother. Nor would I.  Out of respect, I just advise, never fight. is like their membership’s mother.  The advise, they enforce, and they spank on the hand when the realtor is out of line.

    In fact, we all hope that, at the most, we get a slap on the hand for messing up.  They totally understand the difference between a mistake of the heart and a mistake of the mind.

    It was just like when I was with the LAPD.  Some times Coppers get into trouble.  Sometimes, they screw up. When that screw up was because of a “black heart” the department was very hard on them.

    When that screw up was because the LEO chose the wrong wire because he was under pressure, that was forgiven with a lesser punishment.

    When there is as much money on the table as real estate brings, it needs to be policed.


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