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    It would appear that the Santa Clarita Market is suffering from no inventory

    We just finished our latest real estate update for the cities that compose the Santa Clarita Valley.  Have a look at the video contained on the link page to see the market graphs showing the current status of the Inventory for the Santa Clarita Valley.

    You can also have a specific look at the last year of history for the specific categories for real estate in the Santa Clarita Valley.  We covered Median Sales Prices – so you can find out if the current Santa Clarita Real estate market is declining (yes it is 🙂

    We also posed the graphs from the Median for Sale prices versus Median sold prices for the Santa Clarita Valley.  Are those buying homes giving the seller what they want as far as price?  Not this month – December of 2011 was a totally different story.

    Covering the Sold properties by Month, in numbers, for the cities that compose the Santa Clarita Valley – We have posted the current decrease when comparing December of 2011 to the closing figures of January of 2012.  We are down in this Santa Clarita Real estate category.

    Have you wanted to view the Santa Clarita Real Estate market by comparing the numbers of properties under contact – month after month?  We have that posted and I was surprised by the result and the method in which the numbers jumped when comparing December of 2011 to January 2012 – Have a look a the “under contract” numbers for 1 year ago – Interesting yes?

    Looking at the “new properties listed” is a good gauge to see what the status of any real estate market is.  In fact, we have seen that we have had more listings enter the “For Sale” Santa Clarita Real estate market, for the first time in three months.

    Over all “for sale” residential real estate is an indicator is a “stagnant” or a “non-stagnant” real estate market.  We have seen the numbers have been on steady decline for the past year.  Have a look at this graphic to get the “number” of inventory that has been populating the for sale market.  With regard to Short Sales – this is one of the reasons we see the “stagnant” inventory present during the past year of history.

    When a listing is taken, it is always taken with a real estate listing contract.  That Listing Contract will explain quite a few things to a Seller of Real estate.  Three of the most pronounced items contained within a Real estate listing agreement are going the following:

    1. The Sales Price
    2. The commission to be paid to the listing agent and the agent representing the buyer
    3. The length of the contract

    Which brings us to the Santa Clarita Expired inventory.  We had an increase of properties that were for sale, expiring in the Month 2012.

    The average days on market for the cities that compose the Santa Clarita Valley is our “listed slide” below.  Look at the numbers for closing January 2012 when compared with December of 2011. When you look at any real estate graphs or numbers related to statistics – it is much better to have a view that more long term.  

    Santa Clarita Realtors

    Below we have listed the Jpeg Graphs so you can view them in their totality.  If you are a more of a PDF person – we have posted these updates with a video explaining everything at our Top Level Santa Clarita Real Estate Website.

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