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    It is better to be pissed off than pissed on…

    I’m not sure who the first person was to say that – but my Dad had it memorized since I think I was able to walk.  This cute quote would surface when I was angry about something that I had no control over.

    As my life went on and I attempted to grow by doing things that made me uncomfortable – I matured and don’t use the same analogy with my kids.  I go farther to the root and hit them at their quick.

    If they are upset and really down, I give them some sage advice that 17 years as a LAPD Regular gave me.

    “It could always be worse…”

    That is it – that is my silver bullet.  It is not the best presentation to just say it and let it hang out there. There needs to be some qualification.  If you are told you have three weeks to live, it could be worse, you could only have two weeks, and so on.

    Today an event transpired that was a bit sad – but instead of getting upset and giving anyone a piece of my mind – I took a deep breath.

    We have some clients that we have been in touch with for the past couple of years.  They had been speaking with me about short selling and other real estate related items.  In fact, we have met a couple of times in my office to discuss their best plan of action. So, I did not think communication was an issue and I also never thought in a million years that they would sign with someone else.

    Today was the end of the 1 million year cycle – I was called and I do have to say that Mr. Seller felt terrible.  He also conveyed that he had been taken at a moment of weakness.  I don’t hold Mr. Seller at fault, I hold the agent at fault. They said everything that Mr. Seller wanted to hear, bent themselves against the truth, and had him sign on the dotted line.  Where is this agent’s office located, you might ask?  Over 85 miles due east from where the Short Sale property is located.

    Mr. Seller also told the agent, whom I called and spoke with, that he had an agent. She pacified him by saying, have your agent call me and we can work together. She told me that is not what she said and she only said that after a month of marketing, if there are no offers, she would allow me to co-list the home with her. Wow, what a nice lady.

    Mr. Seller still impressed upon her that he was very close and loyal to me.  She inquired as to who the Bank is that holds the note – He replied and she lit up, “What Luck… We happen have a inside person at that very bank’s short sale department – It will be real easy.”

    Needless to say, Mr. Seller held out as long as he could – but he gave in only to regret it today.  I wished him well and told him that I am sincerely hoping that he gets everything thing he desires…

    What qualifiers do you ask each and every seller and buyer when they call you on the phone or you meet with them in your office?  Even if you were starving, would you snake another’s clients though trick, deceit or device?

    This will in no way change my methods, I answer to another and I am glad because “HE” keeps me in check 🙂

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