Is there no break in sight for Santa Clarita Valley home prices

    Is there no break insight


    Will there be any relief?

    Feel Free to click on the graph to view the “interactive one” located on our Top Santa Clarita listing agent’s blog.  The question of the day is will we reduce in the coming months as far as Santa Clarita real estate sales prices go?

    In a word, NO.  However, no one knows for sure, this is my “opinion” and, as we used to say on the PD, ‘Opinions are like as….” – you probably know that one, so I’ll stop.

    Factors involved in this current market

    Interest rates will play a factor if home prices are going to reduce in the future.  Inventory will also.  If the interest rates continue their ascent to the higher levels, that will mess with buyer confidence for sure.

    That would cause the lessening of real estate prices, not just in our local market, but across this great US of A.

    If home builders start ramping up, above and beyond their current levels, that could create “too much” inventory.

    However, that scenario, is probably farther from happening, if at all.

    What Real Estate owners don’t know

    What about the “normal standard sellers?”  I will say that most don’t realize how much equity they have today.  We get several inquires from potential Santa Clarita real estate sellers about how much their homes are worth. (See how much your’s is worth –  Pricing module posted below)

    Most are surprised to find out if they would have bought as little as 8 months ago, they may be able to sell and walk away with over 75k in their pocket, after all is said and done.

    That number is not just made up, we have a current real estate seller that is in that exact position in Valencia CA with his 4 Bedroom, 2 Bathroom pool home.  After our marketing and exposure of his real estate listing, we obtained Cash and Conventional offers exceeding the list price and in excess of 50K higher than what the last home sold for that was almost identical!!!

    After some clever countering and negotiation between the highest and best financed offers, we were able to get our seller an additional 20k without having to depend on any “Appraisal Contingencies”.  Meaning, the Top Buyer of our sellers Valencia CA real estate listing, is not going to be able to back out of the home does not appraise for the price they said they would pay.  They agreed, within the contract, to pay the difference between the appraised value and the price they offered.

    Top Agents = Top Results

    All is well in the world for our Valencia Seller for sure.  Reach out to us if you don’t know where to turn to find out how much your home is worth.  Also, make sure you know we are not Spammers and will never hound you for anything after you ask and we provide, initially.

    We find that people want to be treated as we do.  I don’t like being added to any list, I don’t like to be pressured, and I hate to be chased.. Leave me alone, and I’ll make the best decision suited for me and my family.  I know you will too!

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