Is the Santa Clarita Valley real estate bubble about to burst?

    Signs would say NO.  However, I do think that the “data” is pointing to a bit of a Santa Clarita real estate market slow down and here is why.

    Watching the listing that are entering the market, deducing that the majority is taking turn to being Standard Sales, we can rest assured that buyers are going to start having their appetites satisfied.

    Does real estate have you confusedIn addition, we have seen in a lot of cases, the rental prices decreasing around the Santa Clarita Valley Cities.

    This indicates that the rental market is becoming too over inflated.  In fact, this could be the cause of “cash investors” removing themselves from our local market.

    For quite some time – at least since mid 2011 – Cash investors have been snapping up real estate listings in the Santa Clarita Valley real estate world and waiving their appraisal contingencies.

    Meaning, no matter what the property appraised for, they’d buy it for the amount the offered.

    Today, those “whatever they would offer” numbers are not working out so well.  After they pencil out the costs and potential for rent/income – they are slowing their roll.

    Please only hire real estate experts.  Look to the local real estate agents and make sure your real estate agent(s) have your best interest in mind.  If they are asking you questions – you are probably on the right track.  If they are talking all of the time and rarely listening – that could be a problem.

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