Inventory Stinks – but there may be febreeze on the horizon

    Coming to California Real Estate soon: Housing Haven

    I would venture to say it will take approximately three weeks. However, we will be debuting it on all of our real estate sites and systems.

    It will be Awesome – but it's too early to get into what Housing Haven is and how it will work. You can probably guess the URL – It's the .com version.

    Search all the homes for sale in Santa Clarita CA

    People often ask what they get when the subscribe to our updates.

    We polished off a newsletter yesterday that had our bi monthly real estate updates. We do ours on the 4th and on the 17th. 17+4=21 (that's lucky – if I believed it luck that is…) – and the 17th is our families favorite number. Myself and my two boys were all born on the 17th of the month.

    So, you can bet, when I go to Vegas – while betting is not really my thing, I do play a few bucks on 17 on the roulette tables. I have not won as of yet – at least in Las Vegas with the number 17, but in life I have!!!

    You can get our latest real estate update for the Santa Clarita and Southern California areas by clicking on this link.

    Tearing into the real estate data gets us people that are wanting to buy and sell real estate. They seem to realize, what we already know, to know the data “cold” equates to a better selection as far as a real estate agent goes.

    In addition, we are able to give the 20/20 at any time, as far as where the real estate world has been and potentially where it is going.

    I love the questions from those looking to hire a real estate agent in our offices. Someone put out a list that has questions to ask the real estate agent you are considering hiring… Wait, that someone was me – here is the article about how to hire the right Santa Clarita listing agent and the best Santa Clarita Buyers agent.

    The most important thing is to find someone that you can work with from a “personality” perspective. If the person you are going to hire does not have the time to listen to you – then, I would not hire them.

    If they seem to be filling you full of BS when answeringq questions or dancing around the specific question, I'd would not hire them either to represent me in what may pan out to being the biggest decision of my life.

    There are ways to find out if what the agent is saying is true. Your best advocate, barring another human being, that has nothing to gain, from telling you – Google.

    See what the real estate agent you are going to hire is writing about. Do they preach in person what they say on-line? If not, they may have someone completely different doing their “Q and A” and online writing about real estate.

    If you like what has been written, but find that it does not match what the agent you are interviewing is telling you, then ask them who they hired to write for them and hire that person 🙂

    Have a Great Day – the newest real estate listings for sale are below – Talk soon…


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