Interest Rates holding steady and Inventory is still lacking in the Santa Clarita Valley

    One of the “knee jerk” discussions that happen all of the time within the Santa Clarita Real Estate blogs starts this way, “Interest rates are rising, better buy now…”

    Now that I have laid other agents out 🙂 – Don’t Panic!!!  We are going to be smooth sailing with regard to interest rates probably until 2015.

    Moving into the latest Santa Clarita real estate inventory, we have seen numbers lacking as far as the new listings populating the local Multiple Listing Service.  By clicking on the link we just placed into this paragraph, you can get to our Inventory Pages for Santa Clarita Valley Cities.  By clicking on each individual city you will see the current real estate inventory for the SCV.  You will also be able to expand the graph to see housing inventory numbers back to 2007.

    Paris911 real estate team social mediaIf you have been watching prices in the SCV cities, you will notice that we have been on the increase since Late 2011.  With many ups and downs – the only point of alleviation will be more inventory hitting the market.  With the buyers that purchased back in 2007 and 2008 now having equity on their Santa Clarita residences, those homes are going to be the future inventory that may give some Relaxation to today’s constrictive real estate market in the Santa Clarita Valley.

    One other item you are going to want to watch has to do with the Short Sale Inventory in the Santa Clarita Valley.  We have just had the “debt forgiveness” act approved by Congress – extending it to the end of 2013.  It is going to be the Short Sale listings that are also going to help with our current inventory problem in the Santa Clarita Cities.

    The one thing you can do is stick to your local Santa Clarita’s real estate agent’s website.  Of course, once you establish they are showing only active listings and not trying to trick you as some of the real estate syndication websites do.

    When it comes to foreclosures and if you are looking to target those types of real estate listings, check the Foreclosure Data Pages.  We have a system that we pay for that shows the Foreclosures, bank owned types of real estate, the Notice of Default Listings and the properties headed to auction.  You can access this resource by clicking on our Santa Clarita Foreclosure Radar Link Here.

    Hey, are you on social media?  How about FaceBook, I’ll bet dollars to donuts that you are.  If you are please hook up with The Paris911 Real Estate team on our Social Medial outlets.  We talk about the issues you care about and even talk about real estate from time to time 🙂  We have placed the Santa Clarita Real Estate Team’s Social Media at this link.


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