Interest Rates are going NUTZ!!! How often have you heard that :)

    Interest Rates on Real Estate – they fluctuate daily – most days they are going to be a bit up or a bit down.  Weekly we see changes too.  If you want more on “interest rates” and how they work – Let us make the introduction to you with our Top Lender, they will cover it like going to school again 🙂

    If you want us to help you with this – use our MacBoX on our Main Real Estate website for the Santa Clarita Valley and type in the words “Find me a lender” and we will get you set up so you can learn more about interest rates.

    Until then – here are the current facts.  Interest Rates are at 3.5% for a 30 year fixed today.  The last time they were at 3.5% was back in September 2012.  However, in November 2012 – Interest set a new record low at 3.31%.

    That’s it – the lowest interest rates have been, ever, since the recording of the numbers – is 3.31% and that was last November of 2012.Realtors selling real estate in Santa Clarita Valley

    Today – They are 3.5% – couple that with the prices of homes, condo’s and town-homes increasing and you have something to panic about 🙂 – Actually, you don’t – so don’t let this be a reason you are going to start making mistakes.

    First – get with your real estate agent and talk about a Game Plan.  Have you been looking for a while, only to continually be disappointed by the local market?  Or have you been wanting to call, but have not had the time.  Either way, pick up the phone and give your real estate agent a call to check in and see what they need to service your needs.

    After you meet with your Realtor – It’s time to start searching for homes.  Most real estate agents in the Santa Clarita valley are going to set you up on an emailing of properties that fit the criteria you discussed.  However, it may not be the best way.

    I received a call a few days ago from an associate, a fellow remax-er  that was asking me what I use as alternatives to setting up clients on a email from the Board of Realtors*.

    *That is where a real estate agent will meet with their clients, get their criteria and price range and then log into the board of Realtors Website.  Within that website we can set up the search to have the results emailed to the real estate client as soon as they are entered into the MLS system.  However, even though a listing is emailed – it does not mean it is truly available – there has to be research done.

    I explained to her that we don’t do that much, unless requested by the client.  We are searching multiple times per day for our clients.  And if there is going to be a search set up with an auto drip, that search is going to come to me so I can do my due diligence with reference to the MLS based listings.

    She commented that sounds like a lot of work.  I said “That is what we get paid for” :).

    I then said, if her clients want to see what is going on with regard to new listings and do some searching themselves, they should be able to go to her website and do that very thing.  She wanted to know how I do it specifically.  I explained that I do not send our clients to the Syndication Websites only because their data is old in some cases and in other cases they are advertising properties that are not for sale.

    I also told her we cover that fact in our Buyers Briefing meetings held at our offices at REMAX of Santa Clarita – With our Paris911 Team.  I told her that I build my clients a website portal so they can only view homes, condo’s or town-homes that fit their criteria.

    That way, our clients personal information is protected and will never be violated.  We are the only ones that see their search habits, know their email addresses, names and phone numbers – We are their agents. But those that are paying the real estate syndication websites for leads are not “their agents”.  I reiterated that we inform our clients to be careful when searching off of our Paris911 dot com website – on-line.

    She got it and I covered a few “how to” steps, like which IDX she should sign up for and how she needs to be writing content on her website.  It’s important if she wants her business to remain in it’s position or get better…


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