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    I’ll see you Next Year – 2013 – and one more thing related to SCV real estate

    Before we get into Next Year and how we will be speaking 🙂 then, I want to give you some intel on viewing real estate listing on-line.

    I am at a home that was listed on postlets – Postlets is a Zillow Affilate. It is an on-line system that allows the real estate agent to build flyers for properties they have for sale. Those flyers then get shared (syndicated) all across the entire world wide web.

    Now, the thing you may not know is that the properties don’t have to be for sale. They can be what are considered pocket listings. It could even be a home that is owned by a friend of the real estate agent. Which in of itself is not strange – the strange part could enter in when that “friend” has no intension of selling their home. He is only doing a “solid” for his real estate friend.

    So, you have that type of game being played. When you find something that is on-line but not being displayed on your real estate agent’s Multiple Listing Service portal that they made you, reach out to your agent. Have them do the recon and contact the agent that built the flyer.

    Case and point, I am sitting in my car, tethering with my iPhone while typing this blog post on my iPad. Lots of “I’s” in that sentence. The property I am sitting in front of was sent to me via a link that was found on zillow to a Postlets flyer. I called, texted and emailed the real estate agent, who happens to be from an area outside of the Santa Clarita Valley.

    After about 2 days he got back with me and was more than happy to have me show the home to my clients. However, at this point, I have no idea if they are even going to cooperate with me regarding commission. I have a feeling that they will – but how much? Will they go extremely low on the offering, especially if my clients love the home? Before I started in the local Santa Clarita real estate business, I decided that my number one priority would be my clients. Not the commission being offered.

    After I made peace with not caring about the commission, but caring about the clients first and foremost – that is when my Paris911 real estate team took off. That is why we also instruct our buyers agents in the same manner. We want them to never treat a client as a number or a paycheck. They should be treated like family – The Kind of Family you like 🙂

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