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    If you are renting make sure you are Googling your address often

    When renting in today’s climate, you may feel as if you are on the “high seas” with an unsteady foundation and or gait.

    You may have heard some of the “Horror” stories when it comes to renting and leasing in today’s market.  In fact, we have had some of our personal friends and clients fall prey to these scams. 

    One of the things that may have helped our clients is if they had Google’d the address of the rental before they gave their deposit.

    Within Real Estate – there are Doers and Watchers. The Paris911 Team, My TEAM, are definately in the “Doers” category.  In fact, we post up the NOD filings on an almost daily Basis for the Cities in the Santa Clarita Valley and those that are close where we represent buyers, sellers and banks.

    I know that we are potentially, the only resource for the NOD filings, because of the call volume we receive from the inquiries.  In fact, we have been able to “Protect and Serve” some “in the market tenants” when they may have been given notice – shortly after move in.

    The notice was not from publishers clearing house – it would have been a notice from the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department.  Giving notification that the home is either set for auction or has sold at auction.  EVICTION IMMINENT.

    Agreed – this is a horrible state of affairs, but how can you best protect yourself?  Double and triple check the address of the property you are considering leasing or renting.  You can contact your real estate professional, they can contact their title representative, and the deal can be investigated in short order.  You can also Google the address to see if it has hit any of the internet based databases recording and rendering Notice of Default, Bank Owned, Sold to Thirds and Auction activity.

    Another thing you may want to try is to ask the agent that is representing the Land Lord the following Question. “Mr. Mrs. Agent – how do I know what the owner of this property is current on their mortgage payments?”  

    The answer to that question may be revealing.  There are some Property management companies and Property management agents that could care less about the investigation of the “property owner” that wants to hire them to manage their property.

    In fact, the process where the question is never asked, is more the rule than the exception in Property Management Cases.

    Get good advice.  With Rentals and Leases, its much less risky to work with the agent representing the Owner, than in a Real Estate purchase. However, I’d still ask the questions and press hard for “Guarantee’s”.

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