I was on the WaterCooler Radio Show yesterday and Loved It…

    What is Real Estate really?

    Real Estate is about the attraction of buyers to sellers real estate listings.  What home is going to be the best fit, which real estate agent is going to serve your needs better than any other that you could choose from the multitude?

    Great Questions and those are not going to be answered today 🙂We represent police officers and non-police officers

    Yesterday, I was honored with being on the Curaytor WaterCooler show with Chris Smith and Jimmy Mackin.  Fun was had by all – You can check it out above.

    What is a local real estate expert and why should you hire one?

    They know the local market.  They are dug in with the other local agents.  They will be able to use their team to bring buyers to the home you want to sell.  They also know the local players in the “ancillary” to real estate fields and have the best choices.

    Plus – if they get the “internet” thing – your home is going to be in front of more eyeballs than you can imagine.

    And if they know the Internet “thing” and are Dug in Deeper than Alabama Ticks on Social Media, they are going to be able to put your home in front of more “qualified” eyeballs than any other agent.

    Look around on-line in the local area where your home is located.  See what those “experts” are writing about and see what they are saying about their abilities and how they are answering questions.

    If you find one that is a good fit – make sure you get a couple more, then interview all three.

    See who is the best and while “price” is important, however, you only pay for that once.  Value is much more expensive and should be honored at a much higher level.  Find out who has the most “Value”…

    Be safe – thanks for watching and reach out to my Team and I on our Social Media Channels when you are ready.

    When you are ready to interview real estate agents in the Santa Clarita Valley, make sure we make your list(the good one). 🙂


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