I used another Real Estate agent because it all moved so fast…

    Did you really call another realtorI love our real estate updates and some people do too 🙂

    This one (audio podcast above) has to do with Pre Foreclosures and being able to get the most bang for your buck on-line.  Have a listen, and what follows is an event that pushed me back a bit today…

    “I forgot to call you, it all moved so fast…”

    We had a “past client” of ours call us needing to buy a home.  He said he wanted a home with a three car garage, that accepted VA, and that was priced under 475k.

    After doing some research, I found out that our client, my long time friend that I tasted blood with on the LAPD, the one whom we had met with 9 months ago, stayed in contact with, helped have his credit repaired and the one that was using the lender we referred him and his family to, had written two offers for two different homes recently.


    I was confused – but I went along and answered my friends questions.  We finally came to the point in our conversation where the “uncomfortable truth” came into the conversation.

    He said he did not how things worked in real estate.  He said he entered his personal information on-line to search, a real estate agent called him back, and everything moved so quickly…

    He further commented, it all was so fast, he wrote two offers on two different properties and neither had been accepted, he again reminded me that he did not know how these things worked.

    He also said that the agent showed him and his wife many homes.  He ended up having her write two offers on two of the properties they saw and that his agent knew who Paris and I were.  Apparently, we must have been brought up in the conversation.

    It’s all moving so fast…. 🙂

    But, he said it all moved so fast.  So fast apparently, that he forgot to call me until the point that things slowed down, and his agent was unable to get him what he wanted.

    As a Realtor, this is a tough spot.  While we are commission based, should I care about loyalty?  I get it, “In real estate no owns anyone anything – Loyalty belongs in war, not in Real Estate…”

    I know what his agent was doing, I know why she was unable to get his offers accepted.  I know what she is up against with writing VA offers.  I also know that she should know to include the mandated 1% contribution from the seller on every VA offer she is writing, apparently she does not.

    Ignorance costs money…

    I suppose that my “friend” would have been really upset after spending the money on a home inspection and appraisal, only to have the deal fall apart when the sellers refused to pay the 1% closing costs because my friends agent failed to ask due to ignorance.

    He says he will call me tomorrow – That’s fine, but I’m not sure at this point if I want to have one of my team work with him, is that wrong of me?

    Be safe – talk soon and thanks for reading me vent…

    A wonderful Comment from a Friend of ours on G+

    Kevin Stahle

    4:59 PM


    Connor: I enjoy your posts so I am going to share a couple of my thoughts. I don’t recall how long you have been in the business, but if I remember correctly, you are an ex cop. Right? I’ve recruited and trained/listed & sold for Better Homes & Gardens, GMAC Real Estate, RE/MAX Properties, Inc. all for about 19 years. 25 total years in real estate. Seen a lot.What happened here, happens to the BEST. It just happened to one of my own agents TODAY. Same thing. “We wanted the house so badly, we just offered on it with the listing agent.” Well, my agent didn’t have a buyers agency with the buyer, so there’s one loophole. A couple of my thoughts: First of all, after 19 years of recruiting new agents into the industry/and training them  in Colorado Springs, Co. I have a couple of  “Kevinism”: (1.) There are only 2 types of agents in the industry: New and Used. Welcome. (2.) I have always said, that the BEST agents in real estate are “ex cops”. People ask me why? I tell them, “Because ex cops don’t believe anything anyone tells them”. I say it “tongue in cheek”, but there is a lot of truth to it. And, as “my trainer in the Rockies” told me: “Some will….some won’t….so what….NEXT. I know tomorrow, you will be back on your feet. Smarter. That’s what experience does for us. Keep posting. I REALLY enjoy your posts.

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    • Billy Kornfeld

      Written on

      “Ignorance costs money…” – well stated. ignorance on the part of the client as well as the professional trying to assist them. Great blog / venting!

      • Connor T. MacIvor

        Written on

        Billy, very nice of you commenting, that it does. One of the things I cannot stand is fickle people, in business and in life.. Thanks for taking the time to leave such a meaningful comment.


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