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    I remember the Good Old Days of Real Estate

    Actually, they were not all good. Today the consumer gets to encounter and demand an almost instant gratification.  I guess we have all become spoiled in that way.  When we wanted to buy our first home, just before we became licensed real estate agents, we did not understand how it was done.

    After we became licensed and started getting knocked around, by other agents mostly, it started to sink in. “Is this really the archaic system that is in place to help those wanting to buy a home, buy a home?” Paris and I would ask…

    In fact, I knew that time would reveal a better way and it has.  Check out the video below showing a Local Santa Clarita Real Estate resource and the way in which a Good Real Estate Resource is utilized.

    You are not going to search for real estate as I would.  That is not a “slam” that is a fact.  I am jaded and search in a particular way. Search is very personal.  The systems we have put in place to serve our clients Real Estate Search needs have been built on that premise.

    Enjoy the Video and please let me know what you think…

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