I have something better than setting your clocks ahead

    In the Santa Clarita real estate agent world, we get a ton of email correspondence. I’d also call it SPAM. I’m not a fan and when it takes me more than an hour to get through my inbox three times a day, I realize I need to get a handle on it.

    The email amounts really increase a few times a year – I have to say in my experience the highest “new” email comes in the Spring when daylight savings time approaches.

    I hear from people I have only met from across a room 🙂

    I get notifications that I need to set my clocks ahead – it’s Coming.

    I don’t know about you, I have none that applies to. I use my phone as my alarm and it updates automatically.

    I’m typing this on a Mac and I observe it also is showing the correct time.

    Heck, even my car adjusted – who would have thought?

    Here is what I would have liked better. Other “to do” suggestions when the changing the clocks thing comes around twice a year.

    What things in your home, to keep it in the best shape possible, should you be doing?

    How about paying attention to the smoke detectors and getting fresh batteries into those before it’s too late?

    What about changing the batteries in all those critical items, including any backup batteries you may have. If you have a gun safe with a digital lock, that would be very important to remember to update with a fresh battery.

    I went through my home, my car and my possessions, not a single clock had to be updated.

    But, I use this time of year to have my roof inspected to ensure tiles have not cracked, slipped or no critters have moved in that need to be evicted.

    I also replace the HVAC filters in both of our heating units (big house). This one I do more often – but if life gets too busy, I remember when I get the slew of spam emails telling me to set my clocks ahead or behind. This means I’m changing those filters at least twice a year, that’s better than most in my experience.

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    Transcribed Santa Clarita real estate radio show:

    (fyi – this is a computer completed transcription, it’s not superb. Listen to the show for a more accurate rendering. I’m Connor and Glad to be at your service.

    Connor MacIvor: 00:00 You remember those days when you actually had to get up and change the clock. Remember that? Good. Everybody condiments, Remax’s Paris911 , [inaudible] team, local agent, headquartered here in [inaudible] valley. It’s a phenomenal thing. I’ve never received so many emails as I do the day prior to daylight savings time and also whenever daylight savings time shuts off, whenever that is during the year. One of the things that we always get, and you’ll probably see that in your inbox, starts filling up with emails from your accountant and emails from your dentist and maybe your doctor. I think we’ve all lost that very personal connection with our doctor Vo vendors out there. People that maybe you’ve given some type of business to in the past. They’re reminding you, make sure you set your clocks forward. Now, of course, we still have clocks, right hanging on the walls. Those have to be attended to, but the alarm clock typically is going to be that cell phone or some kind of a computer or tablet that’s going to take care of itself.

    Connor MacIvor: 01:03 A lot of our appliances now, they take care of themselves. Also. One of the things that I will talk about on today’s real estate radio show, and by the way it’s March 12th, 2018, I will talk about some of the things that we wrote about a couple of days ago of pertaining to what you mean you might want to change and do when it comes to the daylight savings time and that’s twice a year, few months apart, right? So these are things that we wrote about on our blog. So we’ll get to that. Let’s talk about local inventory here. Santa Clarita Valley cities pulling all the data from CV Nest Dot Com, Sci v, n es t.com, 300 and eighty-one. Active listings currently for sale in the Santa Clarita Valley cities. This is going to include all of the local areas out here. You’re going to have acted in awkward will say moving into Castillo, canyon country Newhall, Saugus, Stevenson Ranch, ambulance.

    Connor MacIvor: 02:00 So you’re going to cover all of those areas. Only 300 [inaudible] active listings. That still means that we are very deep in a seller’s real estate market. And by that I mean typically when it isn’t a seller’s market, there still high buyer drive, which we still see that, so a lot of people are out there looking to buy the residential real estate, but they have. They’re having difficulty finding that right property. That’s why you’ll see a lot of the properties today when they do come on the market, they’re going to be dressed up, they’re going to be staged, they’re going to be, you know, q-tip clean. They’re going to have all the functionality of the intended purpose for each one of the bedrooms. If one’s being used for an office today, for example, they’ll have that returned to being a bedroom and no bite that bullet, they’ll, they’ll risk a little bit of discomfort in order to get the best possible price for that residence.

    Connor MacIvor: 02:58 And we see that happening with all of the listings that addition if you’re interested in floor plans that we have that a lot of the tracks out here in Santa Clarita Valley do have four plants that exist. I’m very good at hunting those. I have a large resource database that I’ve uploaded too, so feel free to check that out. <Unk> dot com, and then you’re gonna. Want to put a forward slash and then floor plans. Check that out and you will see what I’m talking about. Now as far as the local market, we still again have that high buyer drive. We do have listings for sale, but it’s just not as plentiful as it was. Um, well even several months ago when we had five and 600 listings, we’re going to go to CV blog [inaudible] right now. That’s SCVblog.com. I’ll take you directly to the, uh, our blog that I write and what I did yesterday is I put some of them, are you ready tips for daylight savings time.

    Connor MacIvor: 04:01 One of the things I talked about, and this is something that you should be doing anyway. If you have an air conditioning unit at your home and it’s got a filter, maybe you’ve never seen it, or one of the heater blowers has a filter in it. That’s something that you would bring you. You should bring yourself up to speed and switch out or you can pay a company to come out to do it, but just be careful because there’s a lot of those companies out there that come and say they’ll service your air conditioner and heater and then all of a sudden they start finding a lot of things wrong with it that might not be wrong with it, if that makes sense. So they’ll come out to your house for 60 bucks, they’ll do an inspection and by the time they’re gone you’re about seven or $800 out of pocket because they say that you need to have these items changed and fixed and retired and whatever it may be.

    Connor MacIvor: 04:46 Be careful if you. If you’re having somebody else cannot change your filter, great. If they’re giving you this horrendous bill and what it’s going to cost, I’d call it and get a second opinion from another company because of it definitely worth at St Mel thinks. Just go ahead and put these filters in like a higher tier four and I’ll have somebody come out and come out and give me a second opinion. You know what? If you’re writing it is messed up, then we’ll go ahead and let you take care of it. So that’s something I would do during daylight savings time. Really those should probably be changed a little bit more often, maybe three or four times a year. If you have allergies, I’ll tell you what, that’s where they’re going to be coming from. If maybe you have pets or whatever. All that air that gets sucked in.

    Connor MacIvor: 05:30 It’s nice to have it going through a high-quality filter and I just saw came on, not K-mart Walmart the other day I was looking for something else. Light Bulb, some a particular fluorescent tube or an led tube. I was there. I didn’t realize they have a huge section. The one on the old road there in Stevenson Ranch, a huge section for filters and are their differences and I’m sure there’s really cheese that you know, they’re going to work for a little while and then there are really expensive ones. The 30 and $40 variety that could potentially be even better than the cheese, but do your own research and check that out because that’s one thing. The other thing that I talked about on, you know, instead of changing your clocks, what you might want to do the twice a year is the batteries. Remember the batteries in your smoke detectors, carbon monoxide.

    Connor MacIvor: 06:20 If you happen to have those in your home and they’re not hard-wired, switch out those batteries that way. You don’t have to ever wake up throughout the year two and then said, since that beeping noise, that’s going to be keeping you up at night as funny, and that always happens about 2:30 in the morning when you’re getting the best sleep of your life, right? That’s when that happens. When that’s the beep starts to go off and it’s never with a smoke detector that’s in your room. It’s usually the one that’s the furthest point in the home, just enough to keep it so you can’t sleep and just enough to keep your partner that’s in your same bed prodding. You go down and fix that and then what you ended up doing is you go down and you pull it off the ceiling or you go down and just pull the battery out altogether and you leave it for the next few years and then when you called me the list of your house, I come and I see it’s hanging dangling from the ceiling.

    Connor MacIvor: 07:17 That’s not the right way. You want to switch out those batteries, do it on purpose. Also, what you might want to consider doing as well as having your roof inspected, and I do this once a year. I would have somebody come out and look at your roof. The shifting, if any of the shingles is shifted, maybe some papers now exposed. Maybe you’ve got a bird’s nest up there, some large animal that’s what’s called your roof, their home. Something like that is really important to do because now as you can see Santa Clarita, lately we’ve had some rain. It’s a little weird because of we. It seems like if I thought we were in some kind of a drought, but. So we’re getting this rain right. It’s better to find out now than too late that your roof needs to be attended to. So I would do that once a year as well.

    Connor MacIvor: 08:01 You could do that on, you know, the spring forward thinking OK now we’re spraying, we’re going to be getting maybe some more wet months as we get into fall. Or maybe you could do it at that time as well. That’s probably not a bad time either. So that’s something we talked about on that blog. Also, if you have gutters, the gutters around the house, that’s a good time to have those cleaned out. If you’re going to have the roof guy do it and again that’s another sell a potential point when you have the roof guy come out. He might start, you know, pricing up things. If he’s not a good one, we have a lot of good resources for that, but you know, you hire a company, they’d come out and they look at it and by the time you’re done, you know, they want to charge a $5,000.

    Speaker 1: 08:42 If that’s going to be the case, I would definitely want to get a second opinion on that. As with everything, if we’re starting to, you hire a particular service company to come out and do a job, then all of a sudden it’s now from $60 into the thousands of dollars. That might be something to, uh, you know, be a little concerned about and maybe call and get a second opinion on it. That’s when we wrote, I hope everybody has a, just an utterly fantastic week. We will also be putting up our summit real estate page here, talking about real estate and specifically the summit in Valencia, an all of that going on. Connor MacIvor, thank you so much for tuning in. Be Safe looking good, Santa Clarita. Then we will talk soon. Take care.

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