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    I have said it before – Search should be personal!!!!

    Search, by Google – GREAT.  When you are looking for source to search for Homes in a particular city or community – you are want a more “precise” search engine.

    The big 5 Real Estate Search companies are country wide – a couple of them only populate with listings that are uploaded by Real Estate Agents.  So the data might be able to be skewed.

    Another thing that I would point out has to do with your personal information.  When I am searching for a product or something that is non real estate (we have Real Estate covered 🙂 ), from time to time I will be asked for my personal information in some way, shape or form.  Because I think that is the only way I am going to get the information which I seek – I enter my info.

    Fast Forward a few hours or days – I start getting emails from some odd sources.  Some tell me that I am a distant relative of someone that died in a far off country and they have left a huge sum of money.  All I need to do is claim it.  I need to send some $$$ and all of my personal information to verify that I am indeed related.  Be CAREFUL…

    Speaking of Search – Here is a new Google Presentation we have put together – with the Hyperlinks that are clickable – BE Safe and thanks.

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