How would I sell a home on Christmas Day

    Having one day to sell a home is quite a tall order. In fact, we, The Paris911 Team at REMAX, has some of the most recent market listings today on Christmas, as we did several years ago. Today, the inventory is tight, today we have the Internet as the driving force where over 96% of buyers are searching for real estate before contacting a real estate agent.

    With those qualifers at play. Here are the first five steps I’d take to get a full price offer on a sellers listing if I only had the most popularSanta Clarita realtors holiday in which to do so.

    7 Days
    I need 7 days of run time. If I’m going to get a full priced offer, I need to get everything I need to flood the internet starting at 0001hrs on midnight of Christmas Day. – I need photos, improvements, demographic data, professional data, community details and local fan fare. It has to be complete if I am going to bring the attraction to this home and get it sold on one day.

    Remember social media
    Living on-line and being active on social media is something that both Paris and I do and mandate our team does also. It is about spreading the word. However, to get something like selling a home in one day only on Christmas in the Santa Clarita valley to go viral, just posting it or sharing it once is not enough. There had to have been that “relationship” before we took a one day listing. Without the relationship, me tweeting, face-booking or google plusing this won’t get shared once!

    Ground Game
    While on the ground – off of the internet for a moment, we have a proven strategy. When are most people out on Christmas Day? – Later in the PM. Sometime around 2pm, the walking starts. That is where we need to be to get some of the pedestrian traffic. We also need to recon what businesses are open on Christmas Day that are in close proxmity. In fact, I will be approaching the businesses that are not so close and ask them If I can hang a flyer in the window and place some handouts on the counter. This works every time because those I’m speaking too don’t want to work on Christmas Either. While I love my Job and would make any sacrifice for a buyer or a seller, I don’t tell them, the person at the business that’s working Christmas Day, that 🙂

    Ground Game part 2
    Door Dropping has to be done on the PM of Christmas Eve. Something festive, wishing a merry Christmas to the neighbors and letting them know that a “Crazy Realtor” is going to have an open house – “Please Stop By, we are having a drawing at 4pm to win a $50.00 gift certificate to ___________” – Must be present to win. Do you have any idea how this will increase traffic? I know it will. I also know that the home will be standing room only because of the “must be present to win” drawing…

    Flipping the switch
    Getting prepared is one thing with selling a home in one day – especially when that day happens to be Christmas. However the execution of this feat has to be well coordinated. This would take myself and at least one of the members of my staff to coordinate. It would also necessitate our Santa Clarita sellers total trust. Once we have that, we can achieve anything for them.

    I know I said this feat would be very market dependent, or at least that thought can be drawn by inference. This would not depend on the market – It would depend more on the coordination and presentation. Getting the right type of traffic throughout this “listed for one day only” home would be key. That “right traffic” will be obtained on-line and from the local community. If a real estate agent is known on-line with their own brand (name or brand), within a local real estate market, they will have less obstacles when selling a home on a single day.

    Merry Christmas to all.

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