How to improve the public view of the DMV

    While at the Department of Motor Vehicles today, I could not help but think, whew – the people that work here must have to put up with a lot. Watching all of the influx of people that had different questions and concerns, most involving having to pay money, some are not as nice as they could or should be.

    I thanked the lady that helped my son and I, she looked at me and was very surprised. No, she was not the best in customer service. She was not the most pleasant to deal with. She was not the fastest, prettiest, or most compassionate. She was just doing her job. She did not cuss at me or call me names – she was doing what she was supposed to do in response to my request.

    It was not much more than placing a round peg in a round hole. She did it very well and I was quite happy she did. However, when I thanked her, from her reaction – you would have thought I slapped her. She looked at me and said, “What do you mean, thank you???” I responded, “Thank you for helping my son and I.” She still sat there looking at me with a perplexed gaze. I said, “apparently you don’t get “thank you” type comments very often do you?”

    She and her co-workers on either side of her said while chuckling, “Nope, this is the DMV after all…” It was almost in unison. Together – almost as if this scenario had happened before. I thought to myself right at this moment, it’s not the World View of the DMV that is creating the problem. It is some of those that work for the Department of Motor Vehicles that have a bad view of the DMV.

    I’m wondering if the Management at the DMV realizes this? I also wonder if they care? Could the solution to the DMV’s bad disposition in the public’s eye be the fault of the Management at the Department of Motor Vehicles?

    I think it could. There should be more praise given to the DMV employee for just doing their job. More attention paid to an employee that gets to work on time for a period of 30 days. How about a special spot to park for those employees at the DMV that have not used sick time in a year? They could get a pole position spot at the front of the building with special congratulatory markings setting them apart for a job well done.

    I bet dollars for donuts other employees would strive to get a month of special parking privileges, even though secretly.

    There could also be incentives given to the specific employees for doing a good job when the accolade is paid to them in written form. Comment Boxes – places to leave a comment would be mandatory at all of the DMV offices to give room for those who wanted to leave feedback as to how they were serviced. The DMV could also have a on-line “leave a comment or give feedback” button on their website. Someone would have to monitor this channel – but I know it would work wonders on improving the DMV employees view of where they work.

    Here is an example of a comment that would be left on the comment form on their website.

    “Today at the Newhall DMV, _______(insert name), had the pleasure of serving me today. I asked to renew my drivers license and she took my money and issued me a new license…” How awesome is that – All that praise for a job well done by ________!

    I’m excited – I have a feeling that this could improve the already fine attitudes at the Newhall DMV. Remember, driving is not a right, it’s a privilege. So get out there and let every DMV employee know how “privileged” you feel by allowing them to serve you at the Department of Motor Vehicles.

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