How to get pre qualified for a home loan in Santa Clarita CA

    Happy real estate clientsThis is one of the “great” questions of our time as it is related to lending and loans on homes, condo’s and townhomes.  In fact, there are not very many real estate buyers today that are the “browsing Tire Kicker” type.  If you are a real estate buyer in today’s market, you will have been pre-approved for a home loan.  You will also have chosen a real estate professional to represent your team.

    Remember, your real estate professional, when buying a home, does not charge you a commission. They are always reimbursed by the seller.  A Real Estate Seller, generally pays both the listing agents(the agent they hired to sell their home), they also pay the real estate agent that is representing the buyer.  The Days of Real Estate listing agents also representing buyers of the real estate they are listing are coming to an end.

    I have always been skeptical of “Dual Agency” in real estate. That is where the Listing Agent is also the Buyer’s agent. There is one agent for both sides.  How can you make sure your bottom line, that you told your agent in the strictest of confidence, does not become compromised?[gravityform id=”26″ name=”Find me a Lender” ajax=”true”]


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