How to construct a Santa Clarita real estate team

    There has been a lot of talk lately on FB about the best tenants, the top practices and the most successful operational ways of the most successful Santa Clarita real estate teams.  I am writing this post in a “City Centered” fashion due to me not knowing the “operational parameters” of teams outside of California(legal restrictions etc…).

    I have broken it down to three tenants that a new, or not so new, agent may want to inquire about before saddling up with and becoming part of a team.

    For the “un-initiated”, a real estate team is a group of licensed real estate agents that work directly together.  They are kind of like a street gang without the killing and violence 🙂

    You have real estate brokerages – those are the REMAX’s, the Coldwell Banker’s, Keller Williams, Realty Executives, Exit Real Estate, Hiring buyers agents in Santa Clarita CAIntero, Dilbeck and C21.  Each of the aforementioned companies is active within the Santa Clarita Valley.

    Each of the offices mentioned is independently owned and operated by a local Broker who has purchased the “franchise rights”.(listen to the audio at the beginning of this post for a better comparison)

    In each of these companies you have agents – who for the most part – construct the back bone and monetary gain of the Broker and Brand.

    Each of the agents is a independent contractor.  Out of the commission related to each transaction each agent pays a fee to the “mother company” and “mother office”.

    Within those “agents that make up the company”, there are teams that have been formed by experienced and high producing agents(and not so experienced or high producing 🙂 ).  They typically consist of a team leader or head.  The team leader(s) of a real estate team are usually branded themselves – via their name because they have had solid production in the business or by their own personal sub-brand(Like ours – Paris911).

    Within the real estate teams you have an office staff – typically a full time assistant that handles the files as a Transaction Coordinator.  You also have a full time “licensed” negotiator for the Short Sales(if that is what the market is dictating).  Then it comes down to the “backbone” of that real estate team – the Licensed Real Estate buyers agents.

    Remember those “tenants of the most successful Santa Clarita real estate teams” I spoke about?  Here they are.

    • Lead Generation:  Most real estate agent team leaders think that if they bring in a buyers agent they are going to get their leads.  That is true, but to bring in a buyers agent or agents in the formation of a team, only to scrape them for their leads, that is not the way.  When the leader(s) of the same team make a decision not to work with buyers(as much as they can), to give out all the buyer leads to their buyers agents and not “cherry pick”, you have found a winning team.
    • Listing Generation:  Another tenant of a successful Santa Clarita real estate team is listing procurement.  If the team leaders are focused on obtaining real estate listings, they are looking in the right direction.  If they have a REO(real estate owned) foreclosure account who sends that team listings to pre-market and sell, that is a bonus.  Listings are important – but we have found that being to obtain internet and publication leads hand over fist outweighs joining a team that is high in listing generation.  Look for the team’s website on the first page of Google or Bing.  Use the local venue’s top real estate related keywords.  If the team you are considering joining is present on the first page of Google and Bing – you have “arrived”.
    • Buyers Agent Support:  When buyers agents are working with a “well known” and “respectable” team, their offers get accepted at a higher rate than if they teamed up with a team with a “fallen” reputation.

    As a Training officer I had back in 1991 told me, “Pick and choose your friends wisely, Horsefly…” – I will say the same about the Santa Clarita real estate team you pick, Choose Wisely!!!

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