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    How do you develop a podcast and have it published on iTunes

    How to develop a podcast

    A podcast is…

    First and foremost, what is a podcast?  You have probably heard of the term, it is like a Radio Show of sorts.

    Our’s are not fancy, we don’t have much in the way of background music, or intros leading off the show or out-tros closing out the podcasts we produce.

    You can add those things easy enough with some “Free” and “paid for” software that is downloadable from the internet.

    The most important thing…

    I can say for sure the most important thing about starting a podcast is having a good microphone. Typically those that are integrated into your laptop are not the best for audio quality.

    In most cases, it sounds like you are trapped in a tin can, with the string not being pulled tight enough.

    My suggestion is that you invest some coin and buy a more “professional microphone”. I have a couple that I love, one by BlueMic, it’s called the “yeti”. It works great, and I have this in my office attached to my setup of fancies.

    Another would be a headset with built in microphone. Those typically have good audio quality as well, however most don’t provide the “depth” of voice we find with the more professional mics.

    I also use a Plantronics BT300. It has a blue tooth key, and my computer recognizes it easily after I plug it in.

    The other thing that is nice about the Plantronics BT300 is the fact it is a blue tooth headset, so it pairs with my iPhone and iPad as well. Just make sure you have it disconnected from your phone when recording on your laptop so you can avoid the interruptions if and when your phone rings.

    Just google the names of the items for recording, and you will see them on the web and you can reach out to me if you have any further questions about the microphone aspect of podcasting.

    How to you make a podcast?

    To get into the “software” that is available for podcasting, there are two platforms I love. One that I spoke about and was “free” it’s called Audacity.  Google it to find a download location – but be careful and make sure that is the only thing being downloaded!

    I use it to record then I choose to save the file as a WAV file. WAV’s can be uploaded to different websites that host(store) my podcasts.

    One of the podcast hosting systems I love is SoundCloud. It costs some coin, but is worth it, at least for us.  The thing I love about this podcasting system is the fact they have HTML5 embeddable widgets that you can modify, and they work well in all websites.

    Here is our most recent radio and podcast show from this AM for our real estate daily report, as an example:

    The other Podcast Hosting system or radio hosting platform is Blog Talk Radio.  I pay for this service as well.

    Podcasts can create business…


    You can actually schedule a radio show with a local business and have them speak about their wares. You can interview them live, on the air(they can call in, and you have a switchboard in which to mute them out etc…), you can then share with them the link to the show you have produced. They will spread it around, and you will be their new hero.

    Getting your podcast onto iTunes…

    As far as iTunes, you need an iTunes account first and foremost.  After you get one of those, have a look at Apples, how to make a podcast page.  It will give you detailed information about how you can use your podcast host to have them share your podcasts with the world.

    I hope this information about podcasting serves you well.  Please reach out to me if you have any problems or questions, I love helping as much as I can.  Thanks for reading, sharing and commenting below.

    BTW – we are realtors, not professionals podcasters, these are our experiences, and we love to share with anyone in our field and outside of it.  I have found that if we help as many people that we can get what they want, we are covered in Blessings.

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