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    How do you advertise your Business?

    What do you talk about?  What do you say?  Are you about saying things like, “I’m the best _________ that ever lived.  You cannot get ________________ any cheaper anywhere else.  Our ______________ is the best that you will ever find.”

    There are a lot of ways to advertise your Business.  May I suggest that un-dignified “self promotion” is not the best of them?

    There are two types of “data” when it comes to your service or business.  Market Data and Product Data.  Although the information about your type of product or service is important, it is not what the consumer or client cares about.

    Here is an example of product data as it relates to Real Estate.  I can tell you that we our production at RE/MAX runs between top 1 and 5 within the RE/MAX of Santa Clarita Valley.  We are also in the Top 1% of Realtors Nationwide.  I like long walks on the beach and Jazz Music.  Sushi is Paris’ favorite and she is probably the best negotiator.

    A Couple of those 4 points are interesting. However, the first two, about how fantastic we are, bore me to tears and probably bores the consumer as well.

    How about talking about the track record of real estate ownership.  The fact that interest rates have not been this low since the 1960’s. Even when my parents bought their home, although it was $30,000 – their interest rate was 17%, and that was a smoking hot interest rate back in the day.  Talk about property values, being able to purchase close to the bottom of a real estate cycle, and what that will mean to the prospective homeowner in the long run.  Where have we come from as far as prices coupled with interest rates and opine where we are headed.  “but base everything you write on fact!”

    As far as investments go and where you put your money, even with the “decline” of real estate, Real Estate is still a very good investment, in the long run.

    If you are in too deep, upside on your home, unable to manage the payments, a short sale might be an option for you.  After 2.5-3 years on average you will be able to finance again.

    Stuff like that, writing content more to add “value” to the consumer, not to blow up Paris and I.

    In fact, notice in the above examples, I did not talk about how we “do real estate better”.  There was no mention of us at all.  When you are talking about the Value of  your (insert your product or service), as it relates to the consumer, you are talking about Market Data.

    If I owned a carpet cleaning business, I would want market data about how the cleanliness of carpet relates to health and sickness. The parasites that live in the carpet.  How Vacuuming every single day cannot compare with professional cleaning and give the studies that prove it.  Are your chemicals organic?  Are they “green”.  If so, you have something else to talk about…  Not how you having organic and green products makes you or your business special.  But how your use of those products gives value to your clients.

    If I had a Office space leasing company, I would want to talk about success stories as they relate to a small business owner, getting a brick and mortar location to operate from.  How that small business owner now has the edge and a built in “trust worthiness” with an actual physical location.

    If I had a SEO or Internet Technology company, I would want to discuss where a person’s eyes go on the page when they are searching for a product or service.  How getting a business on those places on that page earn better income.  How not to be duped by some promising the world for $49.95 a month.  Value driven stuff.

    Shutters and window coverings. I would want to write about the re-sale value they provide for a home.  How they protect your furniture from the sun.  How window coverings cut on heating and cooling costs and how much $$$ a person that has the “right” coverings can save and earn later from their investment today.

    Personal Health care and Organic personal products. I would want to talk about the studies that have been conducted with people using organic products versus the “large commercial brands”.  Where the products are made and why manufacturing processes differ – the advantages of being made in the U.S.A. versus being farmed out.  How an investment today could cut long term health care.  How some non-pharmaceutical products can be as effective, without the addiction, as prescription medicine.

    If I owned a Disc Jockey Service I would want to talk about some of what the hosts of weddings and parties thought about the service. Their personal experiences when they had been to a function, similar to theirs, without an “professional DJ service”.  What their friends and family thought.  How that kind of preparation can make any event something to remember.  And when you remember in a positive way, it is much harder to put feelings out to pasture.

    If I owned a Home Design and Staging Company, I would want to talk about the re-sale potential of a well Staged home.  I would also talk about the “well being and health” produced by a well manicured and well put together home, condo or town-home.  The time saving that can be taken advantage when a professional does all of the foot work.  Not to mention the results and testimonials of past clients and why they knew the expense was worth it.

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