How about a home warranty, do they work and should you ask for one

    Within real estate resale and even new housing, there are a few items that should be known.Negotiation of the Paris911 Team of REMAX Realtors

    • Everything in negotiable
    • Not everything is as it seems
    • Agents may not be serving in your best interests

    As with everything in life, it’s best to leave the details in the hands of a capable, tried and true, professional.

    The same applies to real estate.  As stated, everything is negotiable, and that includes a Home Warranty.

    You may get told “NO!”. It maybe the case where you are being told the home is being sold “AS IS”, which is the case with all real estate.

    That is why we have inspections, appraisals and a discovery period.

    Maybe the seller is willing to fix or remedy the items discovered during the “discovery” time period?  Or maybe they are not.

    It’s going to depend on the market and the “mindset” of the real estate seller, and probably their agent.

    One of the things we tell our clients is to always “ask”. “asking never hurt anyone”…

    If you are within a real estate transaction you might as well ask for a home warranty, if one is not being offered.

    Home warranties do a great job protecting the real estate seller against further interruptions in their lives.

    If something breaks, after you move in, all you have to do is call the Home Warranty company, pay their deductible and they come and tell you if they are going to fix it or not.

    Some items are not covered, but a good Realtor will let you know exactly what is and what is not covered within the home warranty that is being provided on the home you are buying.  Plus a good Realtor will provide you with your home warranty information, contact number and home warranty company name.

    The one thing that home warranties won’t cover are items that were broken before you moved in. So know that if you have a water heater that was reported to be in horrible condition and potentially not working, the home warranty will not give you a new one after you move into your new residence.

    Also know that, in some cases, the home warranty does not “really” want to fix anything. For clarification, it is insurance….

    You may have to insist in a strong way and not back down when being told it’s not covered.  You’d be surprised how far “intestinal fortitude” can go when it comes to making a claim on an item that is supposed to be covered, but one in which you are being told is a “no go” by the home warranty company.

    Be safe – make sure your real estate agent is a “professional negotiator”. Ask them in their offices what they’d do in various real estate scenarios if they were to arise with you as their client.  The harder the questions, the better for you, plus if the agent goes against what they said to you during their answering, you have some fodder to utilize later.  

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