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    We have been consistently refining our SCVnest system for home search and property valuation now enabling our secure and encrypted home search engine to use zip codes.

    This may not be as meaningful to you as it is me, but it does make it easier when you are wanting to search the more densely populated areas for real estate. It also is beneficial when you are looking for zip code boundaries where schools have specific parameters pertaining to attendance regulations.

    We also made sure your personal and private information would be kept in our strictest of custody. We do not share, sell or trade any of your personal and private information. We all are followed and have our personal habits sold enough by Google and others. There is no need to encounter that when wanting to do a simple search for a home to see if you can find one that fits your needs.

    Speaking of searching for real estate on SCVnest – you will also be able to have my system generate for you the new listings as they hit the market for sale. All you have to do is ask and ye shall receive 😉

    Home and real estate search on the real estate syndication websites can get you into trouble. They have been built around the selling of your private and personal information to those real estate agents willing to pay for it. And that market is booming.

    My dream is to be your real estate representative. To be the one you call when you need advice or to buy/sell real estate in So. California and where we are HQ’d – Santa Clarita Valley and vicinity.

    To be honored to take up several bits of space in your phone, so you can share me, or call me when you need my services. Connor MacIvor – Realtor, +1661-400-1720, 25101 The Old Road, Santa Clarita CA, 91381, connor@scvnest.com.

    You can text me at that phone number, send other info and for the large communique’ – you can call me personally or send it via email.

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    Connor MacIvor

    Top REMAX Realtors in the Santa Clarita - Valencia and Greater Los Angeles areas. Local Real estate agents specializing in buyer and seller consultation and representation.

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