Home Prices hit highest levels in over 6 years

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    We are recovering!!!

    I'm completely excited to see how home prices have changed during this last real estate cycle.

    If you look at what we have seen during this last real estate fall, no doubt you are too. We went from having too many properties to sell, a plethora of short sales in our Santa Clarita Valley to not enough homes for sale and distressed properties being very hard to find.

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    Interest Rates Rising

    That leads me into the “interest” rate discussion for our Santa Clarita real estate daily radio show. They are currently somewhere around 4.5%. I say “around” because they change and fluctuate almost daily.

    I remember when they were 3.27% – not to poke those of you in the eye that were unable or unwilling to purchase at that time… However, if you consider today's interest rate and compare it with when they were above 16% – it's still a great deal…

    How about Buying down your Rate?

    You can get that interest rate lower by “buying it down”. In the banking circles, it's known as “buying down the interest rate”. How much? Depends on the bank – but it is worth asking if you have some extra funds and depending on the time you are going to spend in the home you are buying.

    Maybe you had the seller agree to paying some of your closing costs – or maybe you are using a financier that gives some type of rebate or credit – ask them to apply that “overage” to your loan to buy down your interest rate. Maybe you can get into the three's – buying down .5% is not too expensive – it may surprise you.

    What “they” are saying about interest rates…

    They – you know “they” don't you – They have a lot to say. They are saying that interest rates are going to stay somewhere in the mid 4's and may come down a bit in the coming weeks. However, we will probably see 5's in the interest rate category by mid 2015. – That is less than 2 years away. We will see if “they” are right on their fortune telling.

    RE/MAX is going public…

    Did you hear? REMAX – the company we work for, is going public with their stock. I remember when it was just rumor – but now, It's not rumor, it is happening. I have seen news that whey raised 180-200 million dollars to get the party started.

    We shall see – what do you think about REMAX Stock? Do you think that will change the company for the better? It's hard to see how it can change for the better, except become more powerful – but will that be “more powerful” to assist the public sector in selling and procuring real estate? Or will that more “powerful” be only for the main stock holders and owners?

    I know what you are thinking – it will look good on a “t-shirt”, let's just hope it is the right move…

    Cops Turned Realtors…

    BE SAFE – in typical Connor MacIvor Fashion. Make sure you are getting sound advice when it comes to real estate, dealings and representation. We are REMAX of Valencia CA's Paris911 Team. In our respect, Paris is not a place in our “intra” remax brand. Our Paris is a person, not that person, my person 🙂

    I was the 911 for a long time and I have taken the dedication and skills(some of them 🙂 ), I learned during all of those years teaching, training and serving, dedicated it to our Real Estate business, and we have been off like a rocket…

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