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    Home buying stress is not uncommon between couples

    Stress in real estateWe have had some wonderful experiences during the span since we started selling homes and representing buyers back in 1998.

    Most of the experiences that we have with our clients are wonderful and worthy of talking about.

    Some of the experiences we have watch occur between our clients while selling or buying real estate, are also worth mentioning.

    Buying or selling real estate is stressful. ┬áMaybe not as stressful as the “moving” process, but it runs a close second.

    The last thing any client, or those hiring a Realtor, need is added stress due to their real estate agent lacking the proper skills to be of the best assistance.

    This lacking comes in many different forms when it comes to real estate agents. Some are simply not very “user friendly”. There is a lack of communication. There is a lacking of availability. There is a lack of disclosure. Each of this “agent lack” can create undue stress on a couple.

    While those are important traits to make sure your real estate agent, “Does Not Have”, I’m speaking about something else entirely.

    I’m speaking of the “uncomfortable” moments that occur in our offices, in a home I’m showing or in my car when driving my clients to and from showing real estate listings that are for sale.

    Those moments where a disagreement erupts. Some end up in tears, so hence the kleenex in my office. Some end in screaming, yelling and me wondering when the sheriff’s will arrive.

    Pack on kids that are being “kids”, and you have the proper stage for a fireworks show that is hard to forget.

    We start every single buyer and seller briefing in this way. “You may have sold a few homes and bought a few homes in your life time. We do that on a weekly basis and know that real estate can be stressful. I promise you that my team and I will do our best to limit any of the stress that may have it’s origin from us. We pride ourselves on the best ways to communicate, the best in responsiveness, and rely on being full disclosure Realtors.”

    “While this is not our first Rodeo, we have seen that most of the real estate procurement and sales stress is self induced.”

    “Do yourselves a favor, take your time, take a few deep breaths, and don’t make it about each other. Always make about treating your real estate endeavor, as a business decision…”

    We have seen some interesting things develop with our real estate couples. It mattered not what their race, creed, origin, sexual preference, educational level, gender, age, or hat size was. Stress can get a foothold no matter what or who you are.

    Just be safe, hire smart, and let the REMAX of Valencia’s Paris911 Team know when you are ready to move.

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