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    Hey Everybody – When is local not very local when it comes to Real Estate?

    We just posted some FHA approved complex updates for the Santa Clarita Cities.  You will see that we are approximately sitting at 9 total approved complexes that will allow for FHA loans on them.  You will see that most of the Santa Clarita Cities are represented with one to four in each.

    FHA approved complexes in Santa Clarita CAIf you are interested in viewing which complexes are FHA approved – this list has been updated to cover the Santa Clarita Valley cities.

    Where is your agent living, working, playing and frequenting?  Does it matter if the agent you select is selling your home – in excess of 50 miles away from where their office is located?

    We know with Citi Bank – when we handle their Foreclosure and REO assigned properties, they mandate that the agent’s they employ are no more than 30 miles away from the asset they assign.

    However, the interesting thing about that equation is that it depends on how good of a job you do apparently.  We have been assigned properties as far as San Jose (+5 hours from the Santa Clarita Valley)- We handled 3 foreclosure assets, because the AM(asset managers) loved the job we did for them on past REO’s.

    I guess the question should be framed, “does it matter to you?”  What about if you want to buy in a city that your agent does not work within or does not frequent.  Maybe the specific complex of housing tract has a hefty Mello Roos assessment.  If that is the case, it may slip through during your escrow process and you may get a surprise in the future from the local Tax Assessor.

    Sure, most agents, if they know where to look, can get information about the community, mello roos, and other “not apparent at first glance” intel, but does your real estate agent know where to look?

    I would sit down with the agent that says they are a local real estate expert in “community X”.  I would ask them about the community and how many homes they have represented buyers with and the numbers as they relate to their own personally listed sellers properties in their past.

    I would know that they are “not from that particular neck of the woods” because their office address exceeds an approximate 15 mile radius.  15 miles from the Valencia Town Center Mall – encompasses All of the Santa Clarita housing communities and some within the Northern Part of the San Fernando Valley.

    That is comfortable to both Paris and I.  However, as a side note, we do some pretty good research if someone is looking to have us represent them in a venue that is not from our side of the tracks.

    Be safe – choose smart and remember, buying or selling a home is not like buying or selling a pair of shoes.  Take your time and seek out the real estate experts in the Santa Clarita Valley.  Not because they own that Domain Name or a website titled “Santa Clarita” expert, but because of how your interview goes and what they write about on-line about their craft.

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