Has the Santa Clarita housing market flat-lined

    Watching the current inventory for the cities – coupled with the median home prices – “may have an indication of our current market “flat-lining”.” (I found this quote via a local commentary on the Santa Clarita home market – It could not be farther from the truth..)

    A Flat line – as you probably know, is when there is no heartbeat.  The line on the EKG is completely flat.  Indicating the person hooked up to the machine is dead – void of life – and starting to decompose.

    “Frankly”, we are not decomposing as a real estate market and I’m not seeing those indicators in our most current Market Report for the Cities that compose the Santa Clarita Valley.  Heck, in fact, it would appear that our market has been hit with a large dose of adrenaline.  That “price” upswing is hard to deny in the graph above.

    We also would like those Home Sellers and Frustrated Buyers to take note of the inventory – the orange line – and the steady decline since March of 2012.

    If we had very few buyers in the real estate market, then we would not see the rise in prices.  However, with interest rates being so low, and very little in the way of new additions to the For Sale inventory in the SCV – prices are climbing.  And as the “almost completely” vertical line indicates – not gradually either 🙂

    The Best decisions when buying a home in the Santa Clarita Valley – or anywhere for that matter, are put together with the guidance of a Real Estate Expert in the Local market.

    Those Qualified real estate professionals will guide you through the home buying process.  It should all start with a meeting in their offices to discuss your goals.  If you don’t have any goals – then that meeting will help you get some.

    After your goals are written out and discussed, the next step is to talk about the local housing market and start the pre-qualification process so you know how much you can qualify for and how much you can afford. (two totally different things)

    Here is the most recent snapshot of our current market data for the Cities that compose the Santa Clarita Valley.  Two new listings, with some “moderate activity” within the last 24 hours.  You can see everything that the Paris911 Team of REMAX Associates posts by utilizing our MacBoX resources.  Just type the word “Daily” into the MacBoX to see all of our most recent daily updates.

    Below I will give you a “today look” covering the latest 24 hours of Santa Clarita real estate activity, then will give you the view over the past week, 7 days. If you wish to see the latest listings for your self as indicated by this graph – type the word “new” into the MacBoX at Paris911.com –  at our REMAX of Santa Clarita Real Estate site.

    A Graph showing the last 24 hours of activity in the Santa Clarita Valley

    Below this text is the last 24 hours of market activity in the Cities that compose the Santa Clarita Valley.  Included in these results are all all of the residential property activity in the Santa Clarita Cities of Castaic, Canyon Country, Newhall, Stevenson Ranch, Valencia, Acton and Agua Dulce.

    Each of these cities is MacBoX capable as well – just type any of the city names into the MacBox resource.

    Santa Clarita market data for the past 7 days

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