Has the market “bottomed-out”? Is NOW the right time for me to buy?

    What a great question by Julie from Valencia CA.  She is currently renting and ready to jump into the Real Estate buyers market.

    Here are a few things that you will want to consider.

    • First – We are not at bottom yet.
    • Second – Interest rates are extremely low – A client was quoted at 3.75 today!
    • Third – Consider in the bottom Quartile in the Santa Clarita Valley – 1/4 of the homes for sale are under 300K.  The bottom quartile will receive the lowest declines in the coming months.
    • Fourth – Find out what your actual Deductions are going to be for Tax Purposes.  100% of the interest is a Tax Deduction.
    • Fifth – Get from your lender, what if properties reduce a further 2% – but what if interest rates increase 1/2 a point.
    Looking at Real Estate and the market – I think the Fifth reason is one of the most important for any Buyer to Consider.
    You can give our Lender a call, 661-260-2970 and ask for Dwayne, ask him the direct question about what amount is tax deductable.  In addition – you will want to call your CPA and find out how that applies to your specific “deduction write off” amounts.
    Remember, a few advantages of Buying a Home.
    • You don’t have to worry about moving ever year when a rental lease expires.
    • When renting, you are not able to deduct your rental payments.  Interest on mortgage payments it 100% deductible.
    • There is something special with home ownership.  You dig in and can start “nesting”.
    BE Safe and let us know if you are a first time buyer in the Santa Clarita Valley.  We will also have you come into visit us for our Real Estate Crash Course.

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