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    • Happy Sunday – Here is our Daily Valencia CA Real Estate update for the Entire universe!!!!!

    Happy Sunday – Here is our Daily Valencia CA Real Estate update for the Entire universe!!!!!

    I got a little dramatic in my headline.  While I am a “hitchhikers guide to the galaxy” fan, I am not sure if the Earth will ever be destroyed to make way for an Intergalactic Expressway…

    Now that I have scared you – Here we go.

    Multiple offers – “exist”…

    When a real estate listing is placed onto the market today, within hours there are multiple offers.  They are a “real thing” and not being used as a clever marketing campaign by real estate agents.

    image_courtesy_of_plus_3_gamingTypically, our clients ask us if their “offer can be sweetened”, to be better in the eyes of the seller.

    Sometimes it can, but the sweetest offer comes from an agent we know and like, when we are on the sellers side. (because we know it will get concluded…)

    Appraisers – should appraise at the same levels (in a perfect world, this would be true).

    A Savvy agent is going to know where the “sales price level is” and is also going to know, by experience, if the home is going to appraise for the prices that had been offered.

    When they receive the offers – and see that familiar name or face – sometimes that makes all of the difference in the world.

    They then take that offer, from that agent they either owe a favor to or the one they love doing business with, and sell that offer to their seller.

    That is the kind of real estate agent you want.  That is what we talk about within our real estate office Buyers Briefing.

    That is why when we write articles about real estate we are always saying, “If you have a Realtor, Stay Loyal!!!”

    We are those agents that other real estate agents love to work with.  We get the job done, and we do it well.  However, we know when getting into the Pool, we don’t splash around uncontrollably like some of the “unlearned in real estate…”

    We honor our fellow real estate agents and do our best to keep them up and not tear them down!!!

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