Happy Mother’s Day Santa Clarita Valley and elsewhere…

    If I sit and think about it, I have a few “mothers” in my life…  BTW- It’s May 12, 2013 – whoopsie…  There I go again, living in the past.  Probably because that is when I mom had me…. (is this on??) 🙂

    It is no secret that during my stint with the LAPD, while teaching firearms, I obtained the nickname of “mother”.

    It was not in a negative connotation, it was with all of the earnest feeling, any of the cops I was training, could muster.

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    Some would have viewed that as a negative – followed by the four letter filth word that can accompany that particular term of endearment – However, with regard to me, this was not the case – thankfully 🙂

    We approach the our real estate business in the same way. Like a “mother”, that licks your wounds, keeps you safe and provides support when making decisions – that is our inclination and our drive to represent our buyers and sellers.

    Looking back, I was fortunate that my mom was there for me, for the most part 🙂

    Today, I see how Paris takes care of our children, almost from a “molecular” level. I cannot comprehend it some times. Don’t get me wrong, I would die for my children without hesitation. However, there is something different about a being, a mother, that gives life.

    Paris has this Motherly Instinct, and our Boys are blessed to have her as their Mother.

    Real Estate can be tricky. There are many things that have to be watched. Including things that are not “directly” making us any commission, but it has to be so.

    The best Santa Clarita real estate agents know this as a process. There are many things within a transaction that have to “be”. However, each of those items still needs to be watched.

    Your real estate agents make up part of the transaction, as do Escrow officers, Title officers, the Lender, the pest inspector, potentially the HOA(home owners association), the agent on the other side of the transaction and others.

    Knowing how all parts of the real estate process fit together, is key to your success when choosing a real estate agent.

    Here is what I can offer in that regard. Here is a list of “interview” questions that I have put together for local real estate agents. Print it out and take it with you when interviewing. Paris911.com/interviewquestions

    BTW – We want to be on your list of those you are interviewing to represent you with your real estate needs. – for sure…. Happy Mothers Day everyone….


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