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    Greasing the wheels of Real Estate agents to get a client’s offer accepted

    Have you ever started something, only to come to the conclusion you wanted to write about something different?

    Case and Point, we talked about the local inventory on our Santa Clarita real estate daily podcast this AM – the recording is above.

    Sushi, free for real estate agentsAfter I returned back to my office, I was bombarded with phone calls and one of the callers (an agent) asked me what I liked to drink.

    They wanted to know what type of Alcoholic Beverage or Mix was my favorite.

    Apparently their client asked them to ask me.  I get that, but, It’s not because I was the most beautiful bald man they had ever seen, it was because they wanted something.

    They want to give me a gift, in the hopes of, it influencing my acceptance of their clients offer on the home we have listed for sale.

    Will it help?  Negative Ghost Rider.  I learned a long time ago not to accept gifts.

    It started with my history on the LAPD.  At the beginning of my career – some of the merchants did not charge for coffee, meals and other items.

    I was always torn between accepting and not wanting to be rude.  So, I found a solution by leaving the amount of the “gift” on the counter or included as a tip.

    That way I felt better and if I ever had to conduct enforcement action on the “gracious merchant”, I would not hesitate.

    Real Estate has that same “greasing the wheel” component.  When a real estate agent has a “hot property” listed our phone and email is loaded to the hilt.

    The calls never cease – we are called by many different agents wanting to know how they can get this home for their clients.

    What do they need to do, where do they need to have the offer written (amount) so it can be accepted and escrow opened?

    To the non-real estate initiate – it may appear that this is not a “big deal”.

    I so get that – but what if there are multiple agents that have written offers on the same property for multiple buyers.

    Don’t you think that the “listing agent” giving out the amount of the highest offer, to someone that dropped off a “gift”, could be viewed as “unfair”?

    It is in my world – Totally Unfair.  Be Safe – Search well and let us know when you are ready for our help.  We are REMAX’s Paris911 Team Head Quartered in the Santa Clarita Valley Cities.

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