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    Government shutdown effects one of our Santa Clarita real estate buyers

    During the past few days, one of our Santa Clarita real estate buyers is feeling the pinch of the government shutdown. Apparently, if they(the government), doesn’t get up and running soon, she will be furloughed.

    The_government_shutdownIf that happens, her chances of buying a home, the home we are in escrow with, are going to fly out of the window, and it won’t even be her window ūüôĀ

    Crazy Times – However, on a “happier” note Fannie and Freddie are going to relax their approval step that requires the IRS verification. ¬†They are going to rely more heavily on the 1040 by asking for a copy of the bank statement that was generated when their IRS refund was deposited.

    Wow, it’s amazing how there is always a “work around” when people want to make moolah…

    Is buying a home about race? ¬†Not a car race but people race – You know, black, white, brown, translucent ūüôā

    I mean are some races excluded when the credit scores are the same when compared with their counterparts from other races? ¬†Apparently that is the focus of a law suit “Township of Mount Holly v. Mt. Holly Garden Citizens Actions Inc.” – that’s a mouthful for sure.

    According to Inman – it may reach the “paid before hearing” status very soon. ¬†That’d be before the Supreme Court has a chance to hear the case. ¬†I love it when people can get along.

    Do you like it when someone’s else hand is in your pocket? ¬†That could go so many different ways for sure, but I’m talking when they go into your pocket, not to pleasure, but to steal from you. ¬†Those “Greenbacks” we all hold so dear.

    With the real estate business, there are those that are doing exactly that.  Most everyone knows if a real estate agent, the real estate agent you are hiring, brings the buyer to your home, and if the home seller agrees, said real estate agent will provide a discount on their commission.

    However, when you are surfing the world wide web and use those real estate syndication websites to search for homes, know this; they are built around removing the sellers real estate listings from being represented by their realtor of choice.

    That is how they affect the seller Рbut what about the potential buyers?  They sell your personal and private information to several agents, in most cases, at once.  Your phone starts ringing off of the hook and your email starts blowing up.

    How can you protect yourselves when searching for real estate and homes on-line?  Set up a fake email account.  One that you are going to utilize solely for searching real estate on-line.

    With regard to the mandatory field of the phone number – you can use the world famous (505)555-1212 – that’d be New Mexico Information, or you can use another state or make up an area code all together that does not exist, which would be preferred.

    Or Рto save you all that headache.  Find a local Realtor.  One that has a pronounced web presence and utilizes the IDX, Internet Data Exchange system to populate their real estate website with the actual real estate listings.

    We do just that on all of our Paris911 Websites and systems that we have built for real estate.

    Be safe – search well and thanks for checking into today’s Santa Clarita real estate daily show.

    Below are the latest listings, the top 3, in the Belcaro Area of Valencia California. ¬†This happens to be an over 55 community and has some really great homes. ¬†It’s gated and Guard Protected 24/7/365.

    Let us know if you are interested in buying in the Belcaro Area or wanting to sell in Valencia’s Belcaro Development.

    [idx-listings community=”Valencia Belcaro” statuses=”1,2″ propertytypes=”513″ orderby=”DateAdded” orderdir=”DESC” count=”3″ showlargerphotos=”true”]


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