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    Go head, It’s okay – remove your Apprasial Contingency when making an offer

    Deceitful Real Estate agents

    I Dare ya to Waive it!!!

    This is a tactic/strategy that is being used today by many agent’s when writing offers on real estate listings.

    The question is, “Is it okay to do so and are you unnecessarily placing yourselves in harms way in doing so?”

    One thing you may want to consider is whether or not you have other “contingencies” in place when you remove this one during the offering stage.

    If you do, you maybe okay by removing the appraisal contingency – However, this could very well create a tricky situation and should be only handled by professional Realtor.

    Instead of taking your Realtor’s word for it, that it’s the best thing for you to do, make sure they sit you down and go over the “pro’s and con’s” with complete explanations and real life experiences.

    There are some cases, when using specific loan programs, that your removing of the Appraisal Contingency does not hold water, except in the losing of your deposit, if it does not appraise…

    VA Real Estate approved complexes

    We did a story on this yesterday afternoon.  We covered all of the VA approved complexes throughout the Santa Clarita Valley.

    You can head over to our Santa Clarita REMAX Relocation blog to get more information about which town-home complexes and condo’s are VA approved for financing.

    One thing you may not realize is that some homes that appear to be single family residences are actually PUD”s – Planned Urban Developments, and as such, need to be on the Approved VA list to allow for financing using a VA loan.

    Make sure you speak with your Santa Clarita real estate professional before jumping in with both feet.  They will help you acclimate to the temperate of the water, the current and the waves…

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