Getting flattered by a real estate client from Pasadena

    realtor_knowledge_is_pricelessThe interesting thing is we have had two clients come to us from Pasadena during the past two weeks. One is a retired CHP officer and the other, just called this am, is not.

    However, something that I can pass along is about the conversation that the gentleman and I had this am.

    I asked him in this manner during our conversation, “If I had a machine that would build realtors to your specifications, what information would you like me to put into it, to get you the best possible real estate agent?”

    He wanted a Full Time and Attentive Agent.  He also mentioned taking real estate seriously, not doing it because they want to get “supplemental” income.

    Someone that is focused on the real estate market, eating, sleeping, and digesting it for the larger part of the day.

    He then complimented me on my approach to my Career of Real Estate and how I had established my presence on line and how I educated people about real estate – not constantly pitching my self or my team.

    The Most Flattering thing had to do with this person working with another realtor up until recently.  However, it was only one day and a few homes, but that was enough for him.

    Never, Ever should a Realtor focus on the commission to be earned.  They should always focus on the client.  With the client we have everything – money comes and goes.

    That is the advice we give to new realtors that start in the real estate business. We don’t allow new realtors on our Paris911 Team – but I do talk with those that are newly licensed and give them tips on how to succeed.

    We are blessed with having some of the best Clientele in the world.  Thanks for reading, sharing etc…  Be safe…

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