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    Funny thing happened to me while walking in Newhall

    Funny thing happened to me after dropping off my car at the Service/repair shop in Downtown Newhall CA.

    I thought to myself, should I walk to my office – 4.5 miles? Should I call my assistant? Should I call Paris? I then tried to find a friend of mine’s coffee shop – Mitch’s Java and Jazz. I called their phone number and it was an answering machine. Maybe they are not open this early?

    I started walking west bound, or at least what I thought was west. I was heading towards the 5 freeway for sure.

    I had already walked this AM on my treadmill. But here came the sweat again. Apparently, I’m doing a great job keeping hydrated. I continued walking, there were very few people out on the street. I saw a couple of ladies walking for fitness. I saw another fella, apparently he had just finished a run. I listened to the sounds in the air. Heavy machinery, and lots of sounds coming from Auto Repair shops and their “air wrenches”.

    I reflected while walking, “I’d been to some of these businesses before.” I remembered the pediatrician we used to take Aiden to – years ago. I passed a Tarot Card Reader, thinking to myself, I wondered if I knocked on the door, would they say, “I was expecting you?”

    I got a call from a fella that was not able to shut off the search he had set up on our Santa Clarita Website. I walked him through it while I was on the phone with him. He was thankful. He commented, “I just not a techie guy.” I told him that’s okay, I’ve been reading books and listening to podcasts since I resigned from the LAPD in 2007 and I have not broken the surface either.

    So, here I sit in a Starbucks in Newhall. You probably know the one – Fantastic Sams and, if memory serves – Vons is in the same parking lot. Correction – It’s Ralph’s. I can see the sign out of the front window while I sit on one of the taller seats by the restrooms.

    I should get some coffee. I have not had my fix as of yet. I’m rambling. But I’m happy. Be Safe and good to each other. Here is until next time I decide to not be picked up when dropping off my car at the repair shop.


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